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Worried first time pregnancy mumma

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Hello... is it me or does your fear of something bad is going to happen EVERY DAY of being pregnant.

I started light bleeding and cramping at 4 weeks 5 days, but my EPU did a transvaginal (is that the right name) internal scan, and could see a sac, I then had a further scan a week later and there was a foetal pole and a sac, and all was okay. I then had a heartbeat test at 6 weeks and it was strong, through internal and over the skin scan..

but since then, I cannot stop worrying about something going wrong. I am now 10 +5 and my 12 week scan is in a week and 2 days, but i am panicking, after reading horror stories! :(

Has anyone else felt like this?


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Hello. First of all congratulations :)

And it is SO normal to worry. I am worried before my 12 week scan. It used to keep me awake at night. I have my 20 week scan this Friday and I am worried sick again! I am constantly checking for blood when I go to the toilet. I don't think the worries ever go away xx

Same here- I worry less these days (week 24, baby kicking lots and tummy is growing) but checking if there's no bleed (because I was bleeding during implantation so a bit traumatised)

Don't worry - nearly all of us felt the same! 😬

For me the first 12 weeks were the worst - they drag so long. Once I got my 12 week scan, saw the baby + heartbeats and the photo of the baby - I have been less worried.

(As I was cycling a lot at the begging of the pregnancy I was worried all the time that something will happen. Even worried when went to the toilet - was afraid to push baby out)

thanks ladies, it is reassuring to know it isn't just me!

I thought after seeing the heartbeat scan I would be less worried, but nothing has subsided.

Here is to hoping the 12 week scan brings relief. :)

You'll be less worried once you'll see your beautiful baby on week 12 scan 😍 You'll fall in love, however, you'll continue worrying until you'll feel flutters, then kicks. Once the kicks will get regular and strong then there will be less worries as you'll know baby is moving about and enjoying itself ❤️

I cant wait.. I already feel in love, and was thinking about names and everything already. I just cant wait to know everything is OK.

Are all parents to be this crazy lol

I suppose it's just normal to feel this way 😊 This is the most extraordinary experience when a human makes other human 😍 (I feel a bit sorry for the men as they'll never know how it feels)

yes it must be hard for men, and they think we exaggerate with tender boobs and morning sickness lol.

If only they could have a go...

My parter thought I exaggerated nausea from week 8-16 😢 Why on Earth he thought I would simulate it? Silly men!

Yes and it normal even if things are OK or not OK. I have been like this in every pregnancy. The only thing I will say is even if something is wrong which it probably isn't at all worrying will make you more stressed and ill. Try and keep your mind busy until the scan. Set some psychological goals like you are doing this, then this and the time will go faster. I was terrified this time before my 12 week scan as I have had a lot of miscarriages and I suddenly just thought what will be will be. It's easier said than done I know but it's normal for us to worry x

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thanks KatieKatie, this is so true, I only have 9 days to get through and I have a busy-ish week ahead, I shall plan things to keep distracted. I just want to tell the world lol.

I worried all through the first 12 weeks. I had complications with my first pregnancy and discovered at 12 weeks that it had a NTD acrania where the skull hadn't formed. I was devastated and predictably worried so much it would happen again. I also bled at 8 weeks and had pains at 10 but we had our scan yesterday and all looks good so far. I know it is pointless saying don't worry, cos you still will, but you can't do anything about it. What will be, will be. 9 days isn't too long to wait, just keep yourself busy. Fingers are crossed for you xxxx

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