Pregnant and bleeding

Hi all.

I'm 27 years old and I had a miscarriage in August.

I did test in November after missing my period and was happy to receive a positive result.

However I'm December I had a heavy bleed. I have a scan booked for tomorrow which I am attending to see what is going on however I am worried that it won't be good news. I didn't experience as much Bleeding as I did with my previous miscarriage. I still have some symptoms of feeling sick and heartburn but I'm not sure if I'm clinging on to them in a desperate hope that all will be OK.

I have done a few more tests since I bled which was over 3 weeks ago and it still says positive and it's quite strong but would that be because the hormones haven't gone yet ?

I just want to get tomorrow out of the way because I am already preparing myself for bad news.

Thanks for your time

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Hi i miscarried in november at 8 weeks and i am pregnant again 6 weeks along i had a scan monday as i was bleeding and cramping they saw a heartbeat so im hopeful. Good luck try not to worry


I had bleeding all through my first trimester and an early scan and 12 week scan showed no problems and a healthy baby. I know it hard but try not to worry and wait and see what the scan shows. I am sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage, I wish you all the best for your scan hope it goes well x


As difficult as it is and trust me I have had 7 miscarriages and 4 pregnancies. No two have been the same and it's impossible to say either way. You would think that your hormone levels would have dropped but sometimes the body just doesn't register. However you may still be pregnant just hang on in there and wish it's all good news for today x


Hi this happened too me, i had clots and stuff aswell and pain in tummy sometimes aswell, turns out i had an ectopic but didny get found untill i was 7 weeks i needed surgery and a tube removed, please dont delay go to a&e if u experiance any bleeding, pain, lose stool, pain on one side or one shoulder? Ectopic is life threatening, as the tube can erupyt am not trying to scare you a just dont want you to go through what i did, i just turned 20 in decemeber and found out i was pregnant on my birthday then had to go thru that last week, let us know how u get on x


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