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Feeling very low - support and advice would be much appreciated <3 <3 <3


Firstly i suffer from endometriosis and this is my first pregnancy. I went for my "12 week" dating scan on 6th January was very excited. She did a ultra sound, but was unable to see anything so the internal scan was done. She asked me when my LMP was which i was 100% being 11th october 2016, So that would make me 12 weeks and 3 days. She said then that it wasn't looking too good, as the sac measured a sac at around 5-6 weeks. And again was questions if my periods are regular and how sure was i with the dates. Then waited 45 minutes to see the gyno.. who went through some things that may have gone wrong and then waited a further 40 minutes to see the midwife to arrange another scan in 10 days time. She also explained to me what could have happened, the baby wasn't actually formed (when the sperm and egg meet and do its thing something must have gone wrong at this stage and nothing was formed). What i am finding it hard to accept is that I am still having all the pregnancy symptoms. Since my scan on 6th Jan i have been feeling sore and back pain has increased. But this is probably due to the internal scan. Also been getting some brown discharge which today (9th Jan) has become a bit darker (Like what you get towards the end of a period). So right now i can only hope, i know the scan on the 16th Jan isn't going to be good. Has anyone experienced this? I read a few posts in the group and its really helped.

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I am sorry to hear what you are going through. Doesn't sound good as the measurements don't add up. I had a miscarriage before my last baby and it was very difficult. I woke up and went to use the toilet and just had a big bleed.It's like 3 years or so ago. I was about 8 weeks and it took time to get over that. I needed to have a dilation and curettage as some products stayed in. But thanks God with my faith and family support I pulled through. Whatever happens there is a reason for it. If I had a severely disabled baby that would have been worse. I told myself that and it is true. Sometimes things happen as a disguised blessing and we cry over it but we have to be strong and pray/ hope for the best outcome. My rainbow baby is going to be 2 soon and named her Faith as I believe that if you have that then you can go through thick and thin. Some women however bleed through out and get good results. So am not trying to put your hopes up but anything is possible. Wishing you the very best......

Thank you for the taking the time to reply <3

In my last pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage so went for my scan and told their was no heart beat and the baby only measured 6 weeks. It was awful. I tried to wait to miscarry naturally but 2 weeks later nothing had happened so I then had medical intervention. What people generally told me was to look at some of the positives 1. I could at least get pregnant 2. It is natures way of making sure you have the best possible pregnancy 3. It was better to have lost it at an earlier stage if something was wrong then much later. I know it is still hard and I hope the best for you. You can still produce the hormones so your body still thinks your pregnant thus why you may be having symptoms. I am now pregnant again, 21 weeks and baby is fine but my first pregnancy will always have a place in my heart.

Xxx thank you and also sorry about your miscarriages can't image going through it all again

I have a very similar story to the ladies above. But I have a 2 year old now. Having a missed miscarriage is just awful but don't give up hope in terms of having a baby one day. I also thought along the lines of it would have been worse finding out at 20 weeks they had a some horrible disability x

Xxx thank you. I won't give up <3

Thank you ladies for the support. Really appreciate it. I keep trying to think if my dates are are wrong. I apologise for too much info, just been getting my head around dates! Me and my husband had sex on 29/10/16 and 1/11/16. Missed my period in November (I was under a lot of stress, and then on top of that stressing as I hadn't started my period) I then did a pregnancy test on 15/11/16 and it was negative. Had sex on 20/11/16 and got a positive on 23/11/16. On my scan I had on 6th January the size of the sac was around 5/6 weeks. I think I'm just hoping! But since yesterday the bleeding has turned darker, and is almost red today. I am in no pain, just my back which hurts. And it is just emotionally draining, I've had to take time off work. And they are very supportive.

It sounds like if you had been 4 weeks with a positive test on the 23/11 then at 6th January you would have been 10 weeks. And although some women do have bleeding from what you've said, you would have seen something more on the scan :( so sorry xx

Hi good morning Claire, yeah just as I thought xx onwards and upwards! Gotta keep positive have a lovely day

You too! It's really hard having a miscarriage so be kind to yourself xx

I went through a miscarriage at easter ended up in EPAU with bleeding and was only early on. It is hard but usually a very early miscarriage happens because your body knows that something is wrong with the pregnancy. Dont get too down i was devastated for a few days, bleed for nearly 2 weeks over my holiday, however i fell pregnant again without having an actual period afterwards, Im currently 37+6 weeks pregnant and hoping baby will be here soon. xx

Pink_stars05 in reply to Kate91

How long after the miscarriage did you try again? If you don't mind me asking x

Kate91 in reply to Pink_stars05

We decided we were gonna just go with the flow. I never actually had a period after my miscarriage I fell pregnant right after. Best thing to do is just have fun and go with the flow

Thanks Katie. And congratulations, hope Bubba makes an appearance soon! Xx

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