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Cramping in Early Pregnancy

Hi, i'm 7 weeks (ish) pregnant and have a strange feeling in my uterus area - a bit like period pain. It's a dull, almost ticklish feeling most of the time but last night I woke up with severe cramps and today it's aching. I've not been bleeding, but I'm really concerned. I have previously had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and had severe cramps and bleeding during that. I'm a runner and went for a run yesterday - could that cause cramps? Or is the cramping normal? Any advice welcome!

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Hello Lulamama,

I am so sorry you have to go through these uncomfortable and alarming symptoms.

If you are going to have another miscarriage, then it is most likely do to some problem with the foetus and you need not worry about your running yesterday. Nature more often than not spots problems with our developping little ones and then decides whether or not to abort them.

So as difficult as that is, try to accept that if your body does not let you keep this baby, your body is guided by nature, and nature, more often than never not, knows what is right for us and our babys.

And that does not mean that it will always be this way! Many women have several miscarriages before they are finally lucky and get absolutely healthy babies.

I suggest you go to your doctor or a nearby clinic as soon as you can manage to. The earlier you get looked at, the faster doctors can help you figure out what is going on, and help you to feel more comfortable.

Maybe you won't miscarry but are just in great discomfort and need assistance! If you do loose the baby, it is also good for the medical professionals to be able to examen your lost pregnancy to help you understand what went on.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

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I had pains that crippled me over in tears at the beginning with all 3 pregnancies they thought they were all ectopic because it was so painful. I got scanned everytime and each time baby was absolutely fine. I even bled with 2 pregnancies normally just small amounts but I had a very big bleed where we had to call an ambulance as I went dizzy from the loss of blood. I thought I was having a miscarriage but nope the baby was fine. It's normal to have pains it's bedding in pains it's when that pain gets unbearable or you experience bleeding. Look up ectopic pregnancy and see if you match any symptoms. Make an appointment with your midwife if you've been assigned one or see your gp they will probably send you for a blood test and scan. I would have thought you'd be classed high risk anyway with a previous miscarriage and they'd keep a closer eye on you but you can only ask them and say you would like a scan as the pain is so sore. Running I doubt would affect anything if you were a runner before getting pregnant.


i had bleeding at 9 weeks baby was fine, also had very bad cramping, baby is fine, you should call your midwife if any problems i am almost 30 weeks usually bad cramping is from uterus growing and your body not being used to it :) good luck and try not to stress if you think its a problem call midwife or doctors its not good for you to stress xxx


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