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I'm 26 weeks, since waking up this morning I've been suffering quite persistent sickness and diarrhoea, also quite bad head ache. Struggling to keep any fluids down, even water wants out. Should I seek medical advice, if not pregnant I usual wouldn't unless carried on for multiple days, or see how I feel tomorrow?

Would be greatful of any advice right now, don't want to seem a drama queen, or not seek help when I should be.

Thank you

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I had this and they admitted me & treated me for dehydration but couldn't definitively explain what caused it. Better safe than sorry x

This is late on to be what they call hyper emesis and it's probably just a bug. Try small amount of fluids, stick to dry foods (crackers etc) and bland. Avoid milky stuff. Ifs you're still not managing fluids then seek attention but I wouldn't run into it.

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