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25 weeks and no weight gain


Hi everyone,

Just trying to get some comparison. I'm 25+2 with my first and have not put on 1 pound in weight (even though I have a nice big bump) since I found out I was pregnant. The reason is because I was about a stone overweight at the beginning and my diet is now the healthiest it's ever been. I'm walking three miles a day, completely cut out alcohol/smoking and caffeine, replaced all of the junk/sugar with tonnes of fruit and vegetables and now eat whole grain bread/pasta etc instead of white. As a result I'm losing weight but I have looked up that I should be 12 pounds heavier than my starting weight. I'm slightly hoping my midwife doesn't weigh me at my 25 week apt tomorrow or understands that it's down to my new healthy lifestyle!

Has anyone else found this?

Thanks so much!

Becca x

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I did put on quite a bit of weight during pregnancy, but was only weighed at my 12 week appt. Fetal growth is mostly assessed by the size of the fundus rather than weight gain. So if you have a nice bump, you should be ok. 😊

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Thanks! I lost sight of my toes a while back! ;)

I once read a BBC news article that said you can safely lose weight during pregnancy as long as it is not a restricted or extreme diet and your already overweight. I would seek medical advice on your next appointment to confirm.

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Thank you :) I'll have a look for the article and have a chat with the midwife.

Lucky you , sounds like your keeping fit and eating healthy - nothing wrong with that . I've put on a just a stone and 5lb I'm 26 weeks . I'm trying to

Wat healthy but I'm not denying myself my treats . And I'm not one for exercise I'm planing on getting fit once baby is here lots of long walks to get rid of baby weight . Xx

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I've just seen the midwife and my bump size is just above average so she is happy. I definitely think now a few treats are in order! :) Long walks with new baby sounds lovely! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy xx

I'm twenty weeks was give 12 weeks free slimming world by midwife so I've stayed the say was really over weight so midwife is very pleased with me I say well done you on your new healthy eating

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And well done you too! :) It's not easy is it! I just have to keep it up after baby is born too! X

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Me too think it be easier when craving subside and less time to eat looking after a baby lets hope lol x

Yes I was a few stone over weight and since my booking in I have lost 2 kilos. My midwife is over the moon with me. It sounds like u have done all the right things to make you and your baby as healthy as possible so really u shouldn't be worried you should be giving yourself a massive pat on the back!! I'm 32 + 5 today as well and apparently I'm at the point I should be gaining but I got to admit I feel more mobile and healthy than I have in years thanks to this pregnancy :) as long as your eating and drinking my bet is your midwife will be chuffed with you!



Wow that's amazing! Nice one Jess! I definitely feel less guilty now I've heard from some lovely ladies who have done the same plus the chat with my midwife this morning who was completely chilled about it. Just got to keep it up!

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, now long now! :)

Becca x

I am also overweight and in my first pregnancy I only gained weight at the very end and once my son was born I was back to the same as I was at my booking in appointment. During my most recent pregnancy I lost weight throughout. I put on a few kgs at towards the end but I was less than when I booked in when I was 39 weeks and my daughter was born. My midwife was perfectly happy with this. I weighed myself a few days after having my daughter and I was 17kgs less than when I booked in at 7 weeks pregnant.... the problem I find is keeping the weight off now!

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Thank you so much for replying and for the reassurance! I will be secretly a bit pleased if I have baby and I'm lighter than when I started! I'm sure i'm going to struggle to keep it off after too. I can't wait to eat all my favourite cheeses again!! :)

I am only 8+6 and I have lost nearly half a stone. I saw my midwife for the second time on Monday and she's said I can't afford to lose any more weight (although I'm 10stone 6 currently)

I can't eat and am struggling to even drink. Not been sick yet just the nausea is terrible.

Although my mum lost weight with all for of her girls but put on weight with my brother.

I'm hoping when the nausea and fatigue wind off a bit I can start putting on weight. I did so well in the first few weeks, I ate more veg in a week than I normally would in a month and changed bread and and pasta to wholemeal. Now I'm just having to eat what I eat when I fancy it. Not the healthiest diet to be honest but my GP is more worried about me actually eating than what I'm eating.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

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