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Has any ever opted to a section this will be my second baby my first 1 was breech so had to have one and this time round I would like one. I have asked the midwifes I have seen because I never see the same one and both of then have said yer you will get a letter. Does any know or remember when you roughly get a letter to go and speak to a consultant? I am 26 weeks plus I could be worrying far to early just need a bit of help please xx


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  • If there's no other issues with pregnancy it is way too long early to be worrying. A csection would be around 38 weeks and the consultant doesn't need to see you to monitor the pregnancy so they see you towards the end to explain the risks etc of the procedure and gain consent, sort out pre-op.

  • This is going to be my 3rd c section for medical reasons and the hospital already book mine two weeks ago, maybe is not the same for you, I'm 26 weeks now, perhaps you should ask again cause they need to give you a date for the pre op assessment as well, good luck!

  • Elective c section usually at 39 weeks, see consultant 3-4 weeks prior and they will give you a date for section and pre med. Midwife will record that your birth choice is a section and refer you don't panic just pester the midwife at your 28 week appointment.

  • Thanks everyone I just worry a lot especially when I rang the docs and on my records the no mention of me asking for one

  • Yes I've had 3 sections. The first was emergency my waters broke and there was meconium which is a sign of distress. 13 hours of induced Labour and not dilating more than 2cms, turns out the cord was round her neck 4 times.

    The 2nd elected and I had to fight with the consultant to get it. Turns out he was breech anyhow. But I also had severe SPD and I have a small pelvis. The third was just straight forward elected due to the previous two.

    You normally see the consultant quite late on 28 weeks plus and be prepared to stand your ground and push for it if you need to. You know your own body better than them.

  • Thank you x

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