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I had unprotected sex and the condom popped a couple days after my august period . a week or 2 after my bf said his sense of smell was very strong then I started having it to breast got tender and bigger my sleeping more and always tired . then coming to the end of the 3rd week I started bleeding that Monday Wednesday just pinkish discharge and Li blood when I wipe . I told a test Tuesday but negative and now it's Thursday and my period is not due to next week ANY IDEAS ANYBODY ????

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Waiting to see if you get your period is the only way to tell.

Tests need time to work.

If nothing and still negative go to doctor.

No one can tell you whether or not you're pregnant. It doesn't work like that as this forum explains frequently.


2 days after your period is not really fertile time anyways, and even though pregnancy is always a possibility it's unlikely. Also your BF having a strong sense of smell isn't a sign of pregnancy. I would wait till your next period And test again ...I wouldn't be running to your doctor for now to be honest a missed period (or one coming a week earlier) is not unusual. Your stress levels are probably through the roof.

Might be worth considering a second type of contraceptive.


Hi could you possibly go and see your doctor or do another test. This site is meant for expectant parents or parents. We don't have a crystal ball to answer your questions. Realistically the stress may be causing you to be late and may I suggest next time it happenss buying the morning after pill!


we cant tell you if your pregnant I don't no why people ask on here, if you have not had a missed period im curious as to why you would think your pregnant, two days after your period is not when you ovulate so at a guess I would say no you are not pregnant, also your boyfriends sense of smell is not in anyway related to pregnancy, at least wait for a missed period


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