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11+2 and so worried


Im new here and this is my first pregnancy and so i have nothing to compare it to in terms of how im feeling etc.

I had nausea and sore boobs from 5-7.5ish weeks and then the symptoms completely stopped, i had a tiny little bleed and was sent for an early scan at 10 weeks.

We saw the baby on the screen measuring 10+4 so i pretty much got my dates right.

My partner saw the baby move its arms and the sonographer said she saw the flicker of a heartbeat - she was a trainee but had a fully qualified sonographer with her etc.

For some reason i am still not content with this! Im worried that she didn't really see the heartbeat and if she did was it real. Is it likely that as the baby moved she did actually see the heartbeat?

I hate doubting like this but i struggle with anxiety and this is a very big and important thing for all of us :)

So yes my questions are as above - if baby moved would it have had a heartbeat and also if it was measuring correctly im guessing that also means its definitely alive?

thanks in advance!

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Symptoms can come and go. I was really freaked out when my sore boobs stopped and then when I had a small bleed. I had a much earlier pregnancy scan at 7 weeks and I still stressed until I had my dating scan which was late at 14 weeks. Anxiety just comes with the territory I'm afraid. And yep I'm stressing now as I come up to my 20 week scan.

Trust in the songrapher there was a fully qualified one there as well and any problems and you would have been told. Heart beat and movement clearly indicate your baby is alive :)

If you have any concerns talk to your midwife or doctor. there are also private scan companies so you can always buy a reassurance scan.


If the baby moved then it's healthy! If things weren't right baby can't move! Did they not give you a report to stick in your notes. It should say heartbeat seen yes or no. The trainee was with a qualified person so would t worry about that.

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It sounds like you have nothing to worry about at all and that baby is doing just fine. Anxiety is totally normal, I was scanned quite a lot at the start due to other factors but every time they finished I would go straight back to being terrified until I would have another. This does ease, once you start feeling baby move properly, my advice is to relax as much as you can, trust those who's care you are in and if you are really worried speak to your midwife, they deal with it all the time and sometimes just getting it out helps x

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Thank you all so much! I have always suffered with anxiety around so many things and obviously this amplifies it all 1000 fold haha! I really appreciate your replies and they have actually calmed me so much so thank you x

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