Light brown discharge on tissue at 6 weeks pregnant

Is it normal to get light town discharge when wiping with the tissue at 6 weeks pregnant. When I hold the discharge in my hand it looks cream in colour but on the tissue it looks light brown. Don't have any bleeding but have back ache. I do have slip disc so not sure that with the changes during this week I am getting the discharge and back ache.Sorry for too much information but am just concerned.

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  • Discharge like that is really common in early pregnancy. If it becomes bright red blood that's cause for concern and should ring your midwife straight away. Its hard not to worry about these things but brown tends to be old blood and nothing to stress about, pink discharge is also common... I've always thought of it as baby burrowing in but there's probably some medical jargon for it 😜 ring the midwife if you're still concerned as they'll be able to reassure you in a medical capacity so might make you feel better. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Hi there. Any discharge is going to be worrying when you are pregnant. I had 'spotting from 13-20 weeks and was worried it was something serious and my (twin) babies were at risk. I even had several rushes of fresh blood, which caused me great anxiety. To put my mind at rest, I visited the hospital for a scan to check everything was OK. I think I went around 4 times. The babies were fine, there was no explanation for it and I suspect it was just my cervix expanding in readiness for the birth. My babies were born at full to and are now healthy 8 month olds. If in doubt, get it checked out.

  • I had the same during my early pregnancy weeks I was told it could be old blood from implantation. But again as long as it's brown your safe the moment it's red means it's fresh go straight to a&e.

  • Hello

    I have to slightly disagree with the posters that have replied. Sometimes it can be normal, but not always. From my own experience, I had a brown discharge from 5 weeks onwards. I also had a terrible lower backache, like a dragging feeling around my whole pelvis area. I'd read on forums that as long as it's not bright red, then it's nothing to worry about. I should've followed my instincts and gone to see my GP, as at our 12 week scan (we thought we were 13 weeks by that time), I was told I was carrying and empty sac, with no foetus. It was confirmed that I'd suffered a blighted ovum and I wasn't pregnant any longer. The brown discharge was a very early miscarriage, and the passing of the embryo.

    I'm not saying that this is happening to you, and I don't want to cause you any worry, but 'normal' discharge is creamy/white. Brown discharge can be normal or abnormal, so please visit your GP and ask for a scan.

    As I've stated, don't wish to cause you any worry, but just thought I'd share my story.

    I'm sure all will be fine, and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  • I completely agree with EmmaM1: If in doubt, get it checked out.

  • Thank you all. It stopped on its own and have my first scan next week. So fingers crossed all should be well.

  • Thank u all.

    No brown spotting and have my first scan next week

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