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First Pregnancy - Twins expected


Hi ladies

Had my first12 weeks scan last week & was overwhelmed at the discovery that I'm actually having Twins!

Been a very emotional/overwhelming few days & now suddenly I feel extremely protective of my ever growing bump.

I feel like I need to know they are okay in there everyday & wish someone could reassure me they are healthy?

At the 16 weeks midwife appointment do they listen to babies heartbeat!? I feel really anxious now & the 20 week scan seems a million miles away.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you x

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Ooh, exciting! I'm expecting twins too but it was less of a surprise because I did IVF and knew there was a possibility. We found out early, at 6 weeks so we've been well looked after since then. I can't really comment on what you can expect because I'm in Ireland and it's a little different. I have had loads of scans and appointments, with twins you're considered high risk. I'm at 34 weeks now, almost 35 so I have about 3 weeks left before they induce or c-section. They don't let twins go beyond 37/38 weeks. Do you know if they're identical or not? Prepare yourself for all the questions from people about twins in the family, etc. You'll get asked that every single time.

Anyway, there are a few twin mums and mums to be on here so I'm sure you'll get some great tips and advice!

Emmalou0804 in reply to Tlove

Oh that's lovely! Congratulations! And wow! Not long to go :)

They could tell from the 12 week scan Non identical as they've gone Into separate sacs. What about yours?

Yeah I think after 20 week scan I have scans every 4 weeks but between now & then I have one midwife appointment. Kind of feel that's not enough & that I don't know enough, it's going to be a long 8 weeks. People say I'll feel better once I feel them moving and things. Just all new to me I guess & very anxious.

Thanks so much for replying!

Tlove in reply to Emmalou0804

Same here, non identical as well and I'm also a first time mum to be. Looks like we have a boy and girl on the way! But we're keeping it to ourselves for now. That's another question you get constantly asked.

I think I had scans every 4 -6 weeks until week 28 /30 and now it's every 2 weeks to check the growth. They run a special twin clinic at my hospital, which is great because it's much quieter with shorter waiting times.

Definitely when they start moving is the best. But don't believe what you read on the internet about feeling them early because there are 2 in there. I didn't truly feel them until about 22 weeks or so.

There are support groups out there for twins and multiples. I think in the U.K. it's TAMBA. The group here has good discounts at various shops so I'd think TAMBA would be the same. Our local group runs information sessions for parents to be and have a monthly coffee morning to meet other parents of twins. That would be worth looking into.

Ah, it's exciting and scary at the same time and it does put a lot of pressure on your body compared to someone having one baby but I've been really lucky so far that everything has gone smoothly. Every pregnancy is different so no point comparing to anyone else! Best of luck and I hope you get good support from your hospital!

Emmalou0804 in reply to Tlove

Thank you so much for your reply! And congratulations too! So overwhelming having 2 in there as a first time parent isn't it!

And one of each, how lovely.

Oh okay great thank you for the advice, TAMBA maybe something I can look into.

Would be great to meet other parents of twins. Just to chat & see if they feel the same.

Good luck with your twins! What an exciting time. X

I'm expecting twins too which was a big surprise considering that I have a one year old son.i have been told to rest and eat healthily and regularly. I'm 19 weeks now and I'm tired most of the time and I'm having non identical twins girls :)

Tlove in reply to kendrakonadu


Yes, definitely rest when your body tells you to, although I found the second trimester easy compared to the 1st and 3rd. But I think with twin pregnancies you can tick everything off the list of symptoms at some point!

Pregnancy yoga is great if you can find a class near you and remember your pelvic floor - you'll regret it later when you cough or sneeze if you don't do those exercises!

Emmalou0804 in reply to Tlove

Ah thank you for the tips! Yes I do fancy some kind of class, I was thinking aqua natal I might quite enjoy.

Starting to feel less sicky already in week 13 so hopefully now this second trimester I will get some of my energy back!

Thanks so much for the reply. So nice having other twin parents to discuss things with x

Oh wow, congratulations! And yikes! That's close together with your one year old but will be lovely for them all growing up together close in age.

Did you have a scan between your 12 & 20 week scan?

I've got no scans In between these 2.

Yes i had one 4 weeks ago and I'm going to have another one tomorrow.

Hi congratulations , did you know, was this your first scan ?? Didn't you have an early scan was this through IVF ?? Xx

Emmalou0804 in reply to Aimaim77

Hi, thank you :)

And no, not a clue?! Was our 12 week scan & very surprised to find out 2 heartbeats! Not through IVF either, just natural :)

Very lucky x

Me too very natural my first scan at 6 weeks the doc saw only one but st 12 weeks he saw the other one

Oh that's lovely :) although probably a shock to you too.

Cannot help but feel so anxious that my 20 week scan is still 7/8 weeks away. It feels too long :(

Wish you could see them more often in these early stages.

I'm in south africa and I attend the largest private hospital scans are done on a monthly basis

Hi congratulations!! I'm expecting identical twins. There is one thing for sure with twins you really do have alot of scans which is something that I am pleased about especially as a first time mum and our little bundles are a fluke of nature ☺. I have had the babies heartbeats checked at every midwife appointment I've had since 16 wks I go again Friday. I am 34 weeks so have two weeks left as with identical they won't let me go past the 36 week point. Anyway good luck with everything and as TLove mentioned it is well worth looking at TAMBA etc and their are always plenty of people on here to chat too ☺

Ah thank you! And congratulations to yourself! :)

Oh wow, not long to go! Hope all goes well for you.

I've had my 12 weeks scan, just nothing now till 20 so I wondered if this was normal. Just feels forever away!! :(

Thank you for the advice, it's lovely having others to chat to x

congratulations, I'm having dcda twin boys too but these are my 4th and 5th babies. I'm currently nearly 23 weeks pregnant and I have never had them listen to the babies heart, I found this weird as with my three sons they did this but they said it was just in case I cannot hear it right and panic. from the scans though I can see their wee hearts beating strong, and they were jumping around so I was happy with that.Once you have your 20,week scan you are scanned every 4 weeks to check they are growing ok so you will see them a lot. They take you in to have the babies earlier which is good too.

Thanks so much for your reply. And congratulations!

Oh okay, I guess that makes sense. I've just been feeling so anxious that between now & my 20 weeks scan which is 7 weeks away feels too long for twins? Just feel I need to know they are okay. Probably just been a worrier with them being my first.

Hi Emma

I also found out I was having twins at my 12 weeks scan and like you I was emotional and overwhelmed.

I had my 16week midwife appointment and thought it was a waste of time. They didn't listen to the heartbeat. I was looking for some reassurance that they were ok but came out feeling like I had wasted my time!

I am 18 weeks today and have my 20 weeks scan on the 23rd June......we can not wait it seem like such a long time from one scan to the next.

I was advised that after my 20 week scan I would be scanned every four weeks to check they are growing ok. But wish I could have a scan today for some reassurance

Good Luck xx

Oh this is such a relief to hear someone feels the same as me & in same positions. Not good for our worried minds but this seems to be Normal, such a long gap between scans.

My 20 week isn't until end of July. Which feels a lifetime away.

You will have to let me know how your 20 week goes. I'm desperate to know the little ones are both okay in there, such a worry with twins. Not really sure what to expect.

Take Care xx

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