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Baby not moving much

Im starting to get worried as im 25weeks pregnant and i normally feel my baby move constantly throughout the day but i wake up this morning and ive hardly felt her move and im also getting occasional cramps at the bottom of my stomach...really dont know what to do and dont know if this is normal as im a first time mum...can someone please help...thanks x

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You need to get in touch with the maternity unit/midwife. They'll probably see you and do a ctg trace to make sure it's ok. Try would moving around or eating some sweet stuff as that can get baby to move sometimes.


Ive had a much and got her moving a little more so will see how things are tomorrow if shes still not moving much i will get in touch...thank you for the advice

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Please go into your local maternity ward and get checked. My babys 3 weeks old now but during pregnancy she would go ages without moving and I was in and out being put on monitor regularly. It's not worth worrying about when it's easy to check babys safe and put your mind at easy. Bumps most likely fine and just sleeping but I always think count he kicks and get checked if it decreases.


Thank you for the advice am definitely going tomorrow if baby doesnt move more by tomorrow morning...after having a bath ive felt a few movements but i know its always best to check i might just be worrying for no reason but need to put my mind at ease


u better check it out asap its really important make sure ur drinking loads and try eating sweet stuff that helps also lay on ur left side!


I used to find eating ice cream got my baby moving if I was worried! You could try that first as baby is probably just sleeping but if it doesn't improve and you feel you have reduced movements then you should definitely call your midwife. It's probably nothing to worry about and the cramping is probably just your uterus expanding but it's better to be safe. You shouldn't wait until the morning. Your midwife would prefer if you got in touch and you definitely woul t be wasting anyone's time.

Take care x


Go visit your midwife asap!


My baby was very wriggly (as soon as we could feel her) and had been ever since (10 weeks, six days). She would go unusually quiet sometimes in the morning and could only be woken with some chocolate or a very cold drink.

Try not too worry too much but definitely get checked out, for your own peace of mind, if nothing else :-)


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