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Early pregnancy and anti-sickness medication


I am 12 weeks pregnant and was throwing up a lot and was prescribed Metoclopramide. It seemed to work well but then I started getting tingling and slight itching from it and stopped it about 24 hours ago . How long should I wait before I consult a doctor? Has anyone gotten symptoms from the medication? I was thinking if giving it another 24 hours hoping the symptoms will disappear. The symptoms are annoying but tolerable. Any help will be appreciated! It's my first pregnancy and the first three months have been hard....

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Hi there, I don't have any direct experience of this medication but just wondering if it lists the symptoms you're describing as possible side effects? Most medicines have a leaflet with them confirming any side effects and when to consult a doctor. If in doubt maybe pop in to see a pharmacist as they'll give you a good idea what's best. Hope you feel better soon x

vvss in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the reply! The serious side effects seem to be more involuntary muscle movements which thank God I don't have -- but don't want to risk it since it sounds those effects might not go away which is why I stopped it. I might see might pharmacist tomorrow and if necessary will see my GP Tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with side effects of the medication since it seems prescribed often in the UK for bad ms

I would speak to your gp about it and tell them of the side effects. There may be something else they can prescribe?

roxannacar in reply to KellyTrip

You can have cyclising during pregnancy. I had that but in my case it didn't help much!luckily my nausea settled by 16 weeks. I found eating small regular meals helped ... Literally every 2 hours had a fruit or something, and ate first thing when I woke up... Had a banana next to me bed!

Thanks a lot. I tried initially cyclizine but it would put me to sleep immediately so I was asleep 80% of the day and felt very dizzy which is why I switched. Will go to the GP to ask for the annoying itching just in case. So far re the vomiting it seems that I keep down only cocoa-puffs which is random and milk or hot chocolate (anything healthy such as fruit or veggies comes out :( )

Hello don't know if you have seen your GP yet but I suffered side effects from this medication so if you have any queries get checked as similar to you, was very hard twelve weeks and prescribed many a anti-emetic including Metclopramide.  Was the worse for me but everyone diffferent.  Wish you all the best!  Take care. X

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