Doppler crazy!

So as of today I am 9 weeks 3 days. I have a fetal pocket doppler, and I've been trying to hear the heartbeat since last week. Everytime I think I've found it the sounds goes away before the doppler can pick it up. At one point last week I got a reading of 165 for about 4 seconds and it went away, and now I can't get a reading any higher than 130 at the most. Does anyone have any tips or is anyone going thru the same thing?

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  • maybe you need to wait a while longer hun, i bought one at 9 weeks and i didnt pick up the heart beat properly until i was 10 weeks 5 days, the baby is very small this early on and hidden behind your pubic bone, be paitent hun :)

    it will happen soon :)

    good luck and keep us posted xx

  • This is why midwives don't advise them because mums worry themselves. So use it for a nice bit of fun listening in but don't analyse anything xx

  • Don't panic! It's a bit too early really. I just picked up a heartbeat with a Doppler at 14 weeks and that took a lot of trying!

  • At 9 weeks it's difficult to pick up with a hospital Doppler as baby is way too small. You only would have started picking up with ultrasound about two weeks before and sometimes that has to be internal. Try and not fixate too much and relax and take it easy rather. If you feel the Doppler is necessary if wait at least till 12 weeks (maybe longer) to get a reliable trace depending also how good your Doppler is.

  • I waited til about 14 weeks before using mine. My one doesn't have a display but at first I was trying to listen too high up nearer my belly button and just picked up my placenta beat as it was much slower . It was only after watching a YouTube video that I realised I needed to place it much lower closer to my groin, now at 22 weeks +5 I only have a quick listen once every 1-2 weeks just for peace of mind. But obviously when I get further on I wouldn't solely rely on that, I'd focus more on what I can feel Xxx

  • Thanks ladies! I tried to find it again just a few minutes ago, and within seconds I was able to find the heartbeat. It was amazing

  • Dopplers should be avoided as they can heat up tissue and are not considered to be all that safe.

  • Never heard of babies fried up by a Doppler. What your information source?

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