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Early pregnancy joys


Hi all, so it's not been long since I found out I was pregnant and so far at just 8 weeks I'm surprised at just how different I feel to my first pregnancy.

Nausea and tiredness is a vicious circle and sometimes I'm glad to go to sleep at night to escape it 😆!!! I also can't believe how bloated I am, I've got a proper rounded belly which I'm having trouble hiding with my current wardrobe, I'm sure my work colleagues think I ate too many pies at Christmas.

So apart from the nausea, tiredness, trying to eat whatever doesn't make me feel sick, my house looks a tip, my husband is wondering where his wife has gone and my 2yr old is watching too much TV I'm doing just great!!!

Above all I still feel very lucky to becoming a mummy again but this 2nd pregnancy thing is a whole different ball game!!!!! Hope all you mummy's, daddy's and babies are all doing well xxx

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Aww, so sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it this time around. It must really be tough for you especially with a 2yr old to look after as well! Afraid I can't give any advice as I'm one of those irritating women who's having a fairly easy pregnancy. I really hope it tails off for you soon! Take care you xxx

Dublin77 - Sorry but this made me giggle! I am in the early stages of pregnancy too (second baby also) and feel exactly the same! I have gained so much weight and I don't think I am eating loads. I am only 11 weeks and I don't fit in to most of my clothes already. The tiredness is so much worse this time around! I am happy to hear I am not the only one. Feeling your pain but all worth it in the end :)

congratulations x

i can totally sympathise with your post!!

i am 19 weeks with my second baby, and i have felt exactly the same, this pregnancy i have been more sick, more exhausted and i showed really quickly!!

hugs and congratulations to you, good luck with baby no 2 :) xx

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Thanks Becks734, I'll be so relieved to finally tell people, it's quite tricky and stressful hiding symptoms and try to hide a bloated tummy when all you want to do is lie down 😆!! Exciting times coming up for you - 20 week scan soon, finding out the gender?xx

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yes i didnt tell people til i was 15 weeks as we lost a baby last summer, but it was very hard to hide, i started showing from 8 weeks :/

yes i have my gender scan on the 28th :)

im quite excited, i already have a little boy, but tbh id quite happily have another, hes lovely :)


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