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Green Lipped Mussle Extract in early pregnancy

Dear all,

I've been freaking out since last night.

I've realized that I have been taking green lipped mussle extract (a source of Omega 3) for the first two months of my pregnancy...and that it's not advisable to take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding, due to lack of studies.

My question is...has anyone taken this extract during pregnancy? Is the baby ok?

I feel like such an idiot....

Thanks to anyone who will reply.

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I would stop taking them now and phone your GP or speak to a pharmacist for peace of mind. I think the thing with supplements is that most of them haven't been tested for safety during pregnancy (this wouldn't really be ethical!) so they advise not to take them to be on the safe side. I am sure that everything will be fine for you but for peace of mind its worth checking. I panicked during pregnancy as I'd used tea tree oil and you're supposed to stay away from essential oils but everything is fine and my 10 month old is now rolling around on the floor a picture of health. Just to warn you it doesn't stop when you're breastfeeding! I had a panic last week after taking immodium which is also not advised but again everything is fine. :) x


Thanks Hannan, I have stopped, but it is a good idea to call my GP. I guess I just feel a little ashamed...😖

Thanks for sharing your experience.


I don't know anything about that supplement, but I just want to say to you please please try not to worry. There's barely a woman alive who didn't do or consume something they shouldn't have in the first few weeks of pregnancy - I know I did. None of us can change those mistakes hun, just concentrate on doing the healthy things now and I'm sure you'll be fine. Midwives are brilliant at putting your mind at rest so try to speak to yours if you can.

Good luck and please try not to worry. xx


Thank you Jenny for your kindness...


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