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Help am i pregnant I feel like I'm going insane

Help I have pregnancy symptoms but still haver periods or bleeds. I have suffered terribly from endometriosis and have had four operations in my life. The last op I was clear of the disease. My husband and I were trying for a baby. I have had symptoms such as feeling sick in the morning night sweats and eating more to begging with sore breasts and the only things that seems to help with that is drinking milk. I have periods or bleeds half the length as when I had a endometriosis period and also they have been a day or two out each time. Also normally I do not feel like eating at all with and endo bleed and feel ill the week before but not this time. The dotors are just saying phantom pregnancy, but every time I try to push the symptoms away they won't go. I also have terrible abdominal pain particularly on the right hand side and am getting concerned about it help. I do suffer acid reflex but cannot believe this is just my body getting back to normal after being on the pill and feeling sick in the mooring and would that really give me night sweats as well as the sore breast? I do suffer anxiety and depression and am on a small dose of quitiapine for sleep issues. Help what is wrong with me? All the pregnancy tests come back negative even blood, but I have been told it's extremely rare but you can be pregnant with no postive test result for blood or urine.

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Have you had a scan to rule out pregnancy or something else? If it just peace of mind you need and Gp won't refer you, you could pay for a private scan. It may be worth it to ease your mind.

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your pregnancy test would only be negative at the very beginning. The blood test is actually very sensitive, and if this is negative it is very unlikely you are pregnant. In general to start feeling pregnancy symptoms (which are related to your B HCG levels - the pregnancy hormone) you would be at least a few weeks pregnant. If your B HCG level is low then Ultra sound scan is not going to help cause it would not find anything.


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