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Late period- possible miscarriage?

Hi guys, bit of a random one here- a three months ago I was 12 days late with my period, which is very unusual, my cycle is 28 days like clockwork. I did a few pregnancy tests, all negative but when my period did come it was quite heavy and now I have gone back to having 28 day cycles again. I am wondering if this could have been a very early miscarriage? I was never sure I was pregnant because of the tests but equally, I can't understand what would have caused the lateness otherwise?

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Hello just had a read if your post. Pregnancy tests are very accurate as they test for the HCG levels. However, if you did not go to the doctors to check with their tests for pregnancy then it's very hard to say. A miscarriage is where the baby stops developing, this normally happens in early pregnancy. If your period was late maybe it was late because, of stress or because your body was changing if you had lotd of sexual intercourse. Normally in a miscarriage you can see big blood clots, really heavy bleeding throughout and sometimes the sac or embryo comes out not always. I don't think you were pregnant probably just a change in your menstrual cycle. X


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