Help! Sleep regression?!

From about 6 weeks old our son would quite happily sleep from about 10pm until 6am. But then... About 2 weeks ago he suddenly, started waking up A LOT during the night. He fed sometimes and other times he allowed us to get him back to sleep.

So I did a bit of reading and think this has something to do with sleep regression which I understand. However my concern is that the things we do during the night (ie feeding, rocking etc) will become sleep cruxes.

Some people have said he is too young for this to happen yet but it doesn't stop me worrying.

I've tried bath/bed time routine to get him to bed at 7pm ish with a dream feed around 10pm and to be honest the first time I did this was exactly when the problem started. Coincidence or not I think I'm losing the plot.

The warm weather I don't think has helped.

I guess I'd just like to know if anyone else has experienced this/is experiencing this and if you have any ideas!

He is not waking up at exactly the same times it can vary between 1am to 3.30am.

He usually feeds now and will take a whole bottle (6oz) - he has been formula fed from about 3 weeks old.

He generally feeds well during day although if it is hot he seems to be less interested. He usually has 6 feeds during day so I know he's getting enough...

Any suggestions appreciated :-)

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hiya, sorry to hear the trouble you're having. how old is your baby? i wonder whether there is some background discomfort that has started waking him. Or if he is the right age for it, it could be the classic sleep regression due to brain development. Also a growth spurt could mean that he needs more milk so is waking for it . The problem re sleep cruxes is potentially a real one, if you want to avoid this, then keep giving him the opportunity to get himself to sleep sometimes after you have fed him/cuddled him in the middle of the night. He may surprise you. However if he is very upset when you put him back don,personally i would continue to comfort him to sleep and just try again next time with the whole 'put him down sleepy but awake'. xx


He's 18 weeks old.

I just don't know what to do for best. Being tired all the time makes it much harder but I know I'll get through it as I did the first 6 weeks!

At night when I feed him he does go back to sleep more or less in his own. He does wake frequently in the night but I don't always go to him as I know why ones are hungry cries and which noises are just truffling or jiffling or dreaming!


Sounds like you are doing great, keep doing what you're doing :)


we've just had this, personally I think you just have to ride it like a wave!!! He just slept through last night again for no apparent reason. dont know what caused it but the blip was just before he had chicken pox, the weather was hot and hes apparently the right age for a growth spurt so could be any of the above, persevere, dont worry too much about bad habits, sounds like your little one like ours enjoys his sleep so his routine of dropping off without help will return!!!! Just take naps yourself when you can, let the jobs wait and feed him when he cries is my only advice. hope this helps and hes sleeping well again soon!!! xx


How old is yours? I've had a few people say to me just ride it out.... I'm trying! X


Hi jsth1979, It is worrying especially when your little one once slept through the night and has now become fussy and keeps waking up. I have the same issue with my daughter who is now eleven months old. She was fine until she turned 6 months and now it takes her about 2 hours on average to settle each night. If she has a toothache or feels disturbed by the smallest noise she sits up in bed and does not want to go back to sleep. I tried everything apart from controlled crying which I am not a fan of but nothing would work. The only thing that seems to soothe her is when I stay with her until she falls asleep. I am not sure if this helps but your ds but it might be worth a try. Try some lavender lotion as well and lullabies, of course. Good Luck!


Warning to you; this is the first of many bouts of sleep regressions! They do pass and you need to persist with a routine and stick with that, I'm on my third or so bout of this and fingers crossed, last night was a break through. Yes the heat doesn't help, I've got a fan (the quietest I could find) to keep LOs room cool which helps. Just stay strong, sleep when they do ( which they will eventually) even in the day, and good luck.


It happened with my little girl at around nine months. She had been a great sleeper but then spent two months waking in the night for no known reason. I too knew the sounds of her being a noisy sleeper and being awake wanting attention. I stuck with our usual bedtime routine which includes a lullaby machine for 10 minutes. I had just resigned myself to the fact that she may never sleep through again when she just reverted back again and stopped waking in the night. I now have a 14month old who settles within 10minutes of being down to sleep, sleeps for10-11 hours and can even fall asleep in a mildy noisy environment ie normal speaking volume. She does have disturbed sleep when ill or teething but otherwise is a great sleeper.

It will get better, hang in there.


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