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Anomaly scan

Hi, all

I have my anomaly scan booked for 24th July and am going on a holiday day after.

I have now worked myself up that something is wrong and if it is, how can I enjoy myself etc

Do you get the results the same day? And if all is good so far, what are the chances of something being wrong. There is no reason of course but I just struggle to relax and enjoy myself. Still 2 weeks to go!!

Any advice is much appreciated!

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Hun, at an anomaly scan they generally tell you the same day, I'm not sure what happens if there is something wrong, I suppose it depends what they find, stop worrying it will do that little bubba no good and I'm sure everything will be fine xx


hi, if there was anything to worry about the sonographer would tell you that she was referring you to a consultant etc. She should confirm on the day that all is well - and in the majority of cases these scans show all is well. after this scan I know it can feel like a worrying wait for a healthy baby to be born - all I can say is if it helps you then why not chart your kicks? This is the best indicator of how well little one is coping in there. xx

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Everyone always said to me that worrying is not going to make anything better, it'll only stress you out, which isn't good for the baby either.

At the scan they look at one aspect at a time and tell you what they're looking at. So they might start with the heart (can't remember the order) and they'll explain to you the way everything looks and works and tell you there and then if everything looks ok. Then they move on to the next organ/body part. It might all seem scary beforehand but it's not such a big deal once you're having the scan!

In my first pregnancy my baby's belly was too big and the bowls were showing up bright white, which they shouldn't. This could have meant all sorts of things, from trisomy issues or cystic fibrosis etc to absolutely nothing. I had an early bleed so they said it could just be that the baby had swallowed blood and that that is what is showing up. They were really nice and explained all very well. I was referred to a specialist and offered testing for trisomy issues (Downs etc) through amniocentesis (needle through the stomach to get amniotic fluid). That in itself had a risk of miscarriage so we decided against it. We saw the specialist a few days later who said it's most likely to be cystic fibrosis but couldn't tell us for certain. We decided to do nothing more as we would not have considered a termination at that point either way. The next 20 weeks were very long! As soon as my son was born he was tested for various things, in particular cystic fibrosis, but all came back clear. He's now a happy and healthy 19 months old! So you can see, even with things showing up as wrong and with scary predictions, all can be absolutely fine! They just have to point out everything that could be wrong.

I also have an 11 days old daughter and at her 20 week scan she was in such a ridiculous position that they couldn't do any measurements of her head. That was the same for two more scans (she was so far down in the pelvis). So that's skmethjn g else that can happen, that they can't measure certain body parts or organs because of the position of your little one.

And then you also need to decide beforehand whether you'd like to find out the sex or not!

It's an exciting scan and most likely all will be well, so focus on that and chances are you'll be extremely relieved afterwards and have a fantastic holiday!


Thank you so much for all your replies.

SilkeP, really appreciate you sharing your experience and so glad everything worked out perfectly for you!

All the best for you all and thanks again:-) i really feel much much better!

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Chill out!!!!!!!!!!!

As the ladies a I e have said, they will tell you whilst you are there and will tell you what they are looking for and will tell you there and the. If they are concerned about anything.

Also as the ladies have said above.... Stressing only makes things worse. Try to relax, enjoy this pregnancy. If you know of no reason why there may be a greater risk of anything, then do not stress about it. Baby doesn't appreciate stress. (Coming from a major stress head here lol)

I hope all goes well. It'll all be fine xxxxx


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