how do i know?

Hi guys, im fairly new to do this. I hope there is someone out there that can answer my question/s.

is it possible for me to fall pregnant if I was intimate 2 days befor my period. I was on the pill for like about 11 months and stopped 2 days before I was intimate.but got my period a day earlier.

anyone that can help me please :(

I so am waiting to fall pregnant. n feel this part of me is impatient to know



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  • Hiya, I hope my answer helps and makes sense, I would say probably not, day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your period, your window for getting pregnant is generally between day 9 and day 15 this is when your new egg is released, and I'm basing all of this on a regular 28 day cycle, sperm can sit inside your body for up to three days. The only way in which you might be pregnant is if you missed any of your pill during the month before( especially if in the back of your mind you knew going to come off it) if this is the case then you would be far enough for a regular pregnancy test to pick up on it but it would have been unlikely that you came on your period. Hope that helps xx

  • thank you? im very new to all this. and im that maybe shy type to discuss with mum or mum in law. I just left my pill on the 1st id say. had my intercourse on that Friday n got my period on the sunday. I guess it would b too soon hey?

  • I reckon so if you want to get there quickly go for it everyday from day 7 to 15 good luck xx

  • And no one in their right mind would want to talk to their mother in law about it! Mum yeah but mother in law oooh no lol x

  • lol... yeah

    thanks for your help thou

  • sorry foe being a blond..... which will be my day 7 to 15? is my 1st day from the first day of my period?

  • Yes, so first day of your period is day one x

  • There are lots of free period tracker apps available that will help you calculate the days each month you are most likely to fall pregnant. Pink pad and Kindara are two. Good luck!

  • thanks guys so much

    another quick question

    ever since I stopped the ovulation period it beats for me on my lower abdomen. anyone knows the reason for this?

    I felt this before but because I wasn't trying to conceive and didn't know how to read my ovulation time, I didn't realy pay attention to it.

    please help

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