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Help! Need some advice asap

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hi I recently found out I was expecting again for the second time and I'm currently 9 weeks expecting. I had my first baby early this year in Feb and apart from my son being born with a rare condition the pregnancy was fairly normal. However in this pregnancy I've experienced having a bit of pinky red discharge that looks like the start of a period which I didn't have in my first pregnancy. I rang the midwife and the earliest they can scan me if it continues is Monday. I'm really nervous about this pregnancy and scared at the thought of thinking of the worst, is there anything I can do to reduce the chances of getting anymore of this pinky red discharge?

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It could be just your body getting rid of the unfertilised eggs and there could be nothing to worry about I know a few people who had this problem all the way through there pregnancy and went on to have healthy babies but it also could be an early sign of a miscarriage the best thing to do is just take it easy until monday this may be a little hard if you have another baby but try but if you experience any more bleeding and it starts to go any redder or you have any slight cramping go to A an E and let them know your situation

Hi jadey, sorry to hear you are experiencing this worry. I have heard that this pinky red spotting can be normal so try to relax and think positively until Monday. The scan should be able to confirm heartbeat etc since you are 9 weeks now. They can derive much information about the health of the baby at this stage. If it becomes heavy or clotting or if you experience strong cramps then I would ring 111 to see which is the most appropriate place to go, but I think it is a&e. No need to think the worst case based on some light spotting. Good luck and let us know how it goes on Monday x

Thanks ladies, I'll try taking your advice and try and just relax hopefully know more by Monday and will keep you posted xx

I had this from the day I found out I was pregnant and I got very worried but everything was fine it's normal some times I had it for 3 weeks went for a scan and everything was fine as long as there are no big clots and there isn't too much bloody guess is it's probably okay

I had a similar thing and much worse (heavy red bleeding and clots) at 8 weeks and still was nothing to worry. Bled for 5 weeks (spotting) and have a beautiful 7 month old baby. Problem is the a&e dont do ANYTHING about it which I thinj it makes it even more stressful. They aend you home and tell you 'if is a miscarriage there is nothing we can do' they can't scan you as they don't have scan machines and they can only book you at an early pregnancy unit for the first available date but you can self refer yourself too. So I wouldn't bother going to A&e or phoning 111 I'd just phone hospital and try to get a scan at the epu. Good luck.

Thank you for sharing your story carla25 its very reassuring and makes me think that perhaps there's hope after all. I've started having heavier blood loss now but when I went to a and e and they did all the tests they came back positive for pregnancy the doctor says I've got a uti which would explain the blood loss and have given me some antibiotics so hopefully they'll help. Got an emergency scan tomorrow hoping it will go okay x

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