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Very apprehensive first time mum

I have recently found out I am five weeks pregnant. I am so surprised and shocked, after so long of trying and having PCOS also, I really didn't think I stood a chance.

I first beame pregnant at 15 years of age but later found out I had miscarried at the 12 week scan. This time round I am so apprehensive about losing the baby. I have sore nipples, enlarged breasts and pelvic cramping at times and keep monitoring these symptoms to ensure they are still there. I won't have a scan until week 12. I am so apprehensive and nervous I can hardly eat or sleep. What advice could you offer to me at this time? I really do appreciate your responses in advance :)

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My advice is to share your worries with your midwife, then they will be able to put ur mind at ease! Cramping is common especially early on! I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry! Congratulations on your pregnancy 😊 x


Congratulations!!! Lovely news xx

I would say don't put too much emphasis on your pregnancy symptoms. I had pretty much the same symptoms as you at the beginning, then they disappeared completely- that as well is completely normal. I had a few weeks of no symptoms at all & worried that I didn't feel pregnant- They were soon replaced with bloating and extreme tiredness lol


hello and congratulations!

I had two miscarriages before I had my first baby. Once you have passed 12 weeks, the chances of a miscarriage reduce dramatically.In the meantime, I would speak to my GP about my concerns if I were you. You could be offered an early scan at around 8 weeks if you have strong concerns. Because you had a first miscarriage and of your level of anxiety, you may be eligible for that scan.

You can also speak about all your concerns to your midwife and she can respond to your questions and try to help reduce your stress level.

Non viable foetuses do go by themselves and nowadays we know we are pregnant very early, which causes heartache and distress, but do not worry too much about it and try to enjoy your pregnancy.

Good luck and congratulations.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I would echo what has been said; try not to worry too much. Stress can affect your pregnancy so try to keep yourself as calm as possible. Pamper yourself whenever you can and get plenty of rest. Midwives are brilliant at supporting mums-to-be so use them, tell them why you're afraid and they'll be able to help you. Sometimes they even offer earlier scans if the mum has a history of miscarriage.

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, hope it goes smoothly for you xx


To be honest there's nothing much you can do at the moment apart from taking things easy. It's hard but I refuse from haivng sex becuase I am scared of any form of contraction to trigger off a preiod or bleeding, just form my experiences but everyone is different. I will be having an early scan since am going private, it tends to put your mind at ease.


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