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So confused

My stomach has got bigger in the last 4 months ive had a normal period the first 2 months. Took a test gave me a positive went to the dr took a blood one negative. Went back a week later he say my uterus is the size if i was 13 weeks this was Feb25th.. They say im not but i feel like i am my tubes have been tide for going on 13 years.. Last week i started lactating so im so confused.

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Get them to scan your womb, this happened to my mum she was 5 months pregnant with my very much 30 year old sister,she still had monthly spotting as if her period,very strange in deed. Or it could be a cyst and hormonal changes? Keep being persistent

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I went in got a ultrasound they said i had a small cysts that was about 3 weeks ago never looks to see if i was pregnant or not so went to see another dr in a different town hr said he seen a small tumor no cyst but his nurse came in and said he wrote he didn't see either one of them and its not female related its my intestines


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