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Idk if I'm still pregnant!!

So I was like 5 days late on my period so I took 4 pregnancy test and all showed a solid line with a faint line. But it was clearly visible. K have been having all of the symptoms of being pregnant. So I did a thing online and showed I was 4 weeks pregnant. Last night I had spotting. we had intercourse last night then this morning I get up and I bled on the bed. I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding. I seem to have started my period. I'm confused. It isn't clotty or bad. I have to wear a panty liner and I bleed when I go to the bathroom but that's it. Oh and I have mild cramps. Someone please help. I have a dr appointment Wednesday. But I feel that's too far away.

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I think it's really too hard for anyone on here to say. The best thing to do is wait for the appointment. I know it's hard and probably feels like forever away but it would be unfair to give you false information on here. Wouldn't want to play with your emotions like that. But best of luck with the appointment, hope you get the answers you want x


I definitely agree with the first post, you should get checked out with this hun :-/ best of luck with everything xx

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You won't know without a scan, even a HPT can show a positive after a miscarriage as the hormones are still circling in your body. I really hope for a positive outcome for you.


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