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Period almost a week late

My period should have started last Saturday so it has almost been a week, my breasts were sore a week before my period which always happens and stop right before my period was supposed to come but it has not shown up. I have been noticing that I have been breaking on my face which never happens to me when I have my period. I am having mild cramps,headaches and I went to the pet store I couldn't stay in there reactor the smell and the funny thing is I go to that pet store very frequently. What's going on anyone else going through this.

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have you taken a pregnancy test.... classic signs right there


Yes, im 13 days late


Hello ! Same symptoms ..only one that really stands out is that I feel dizzy . I always get a period every month. Never miss. Not sensitive to smells... but still no period it has been 7 days !!! Did u take a hpt?


Im 13 days left, i took a Hpt at 12 days late and it was still negative. I have been stressed lately so that is what im thinking is going on. have you taken Hpt?


I tend to stress here and now too I mean who doesnt but I this never happens to me and have never gone a month without getting it . I took a hpt yesterday. And it was negative. I am honestly scared I dont know what to think. And I know that doesnt help either so maybe we just need to relax a bit.


Maybe you can go to the doctor.


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