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How early do you 'feel' pregnant?

me and my husband had unprotected sex on Saturday, when I was ovulating and ever since I have had light cramping. Can this be a sign of pregnancy? When We were trying for our little girl who is now 16 months we fell pregnant after the first try so I'm maybe wishful thinking. Is it possible to feel pregnancy symptoms straight after conception?

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Everyone's different but I had cramping and nausea as soon as we'd conceived for a couple of days and then nothing so I was trying not to get too hopefully until the pregnancy tests!! Turns out out might well have been linked as we were pregnant though :-) hard to be patient and wait isn't it?!


It's possible, but then if you want something a lot, you can convince yourself you are feeling things you aren't. Best way is to wait and test once you're late - good luck.



My husband and I started trying Saturday (now Monday) I've had cramping pains. Ive bought an early pregnancy test so doing this on Friday lol.

Have you taken

A test yet?


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