Baby Lola Jane has arrived❤️

Hi everyone I would just like to let you all know that my daughter was born on the 18th of dec at 9:28am weighing 7lb9oz and is pure perfection. The birth was wonderful after having initial anxiety and concern we arrived at the hospital formy planned c section at 8am and within an hour I had seen the surgeons and was all prepped and ready to go. I was first on their list so was happy about that and it all felt like it was happening so fast, I lay there with a huge grin on my face the whole time probably from nerves too, but the surgeon was explaining every thing she was doing as she went along and then my beautiful baby girl was lifted up like the lion king moment, I was very happy and relaxed, we had skin to skin straight away and then breastfed as soon as I was in recovery. I spent 2 nights on the ward as I was in quite a lot of pain but midwives told me that the more babies you have the harder recovery is and as this was my 5th that was to be expected. So with pain medication I was home Saturday afternoon. The midwife came out and was very happy that she is not coming back till after Xmas. I am breastfeeding well and baby is very good and contented I feel very blessed.

My other kids are very happy she's here and want to hold her all the time. We are all looking forward to Xmas tomorrow and I just feel like the happiest mum in the world. So I would like to thank you all for being there during my pregnancy and here's to a lot of baby talk coming soon, lol.


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*Big Grin* So happy for you. Sounds like the most beautiful Christmas ever. Love and virtual hugs to one and all xxxx


Congratulation . And just in time for christmas! This has made me very excites for the arrival of my baby girl now! Hope all your family have an amazing Christmas xx


many congratulations, enjoy xxxx


Congrats! Very nice present.


Congratulations to you and your family, hope you are all doing well and the very best for the new year. Best wishes. XXX


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