Periods after giving birth (probable TMI)

Hi there all,

So I have a gorgeous little man who will soon be nine months old (where has the time gone?!) He is amazing, but since giving birth my periods have not returned to normal. I am on the contraception pill, but each month I bleed through the pill, only getting a week of not bleeding. I also had a weird experience last fortnight where I lost a lump of fleshy looking stuff. I was told that I was fine after that and that it can happen.

Anyone else had this? Any suggestions on what to do? I am going to my gp for a fourth time to ask for a different pill, hopefully this time they will let me have a new one.

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  • unfortunately I do not have any advice here as mine have not yet returned .... but I have to ask, what did they say this 'fleshy lump' was?? does this often happen after a baby?

  • I was told that the fleshy lump is something that can happen at any time in a menstruating woman's life, it's pretty much the lining of the womb that comes out slowly during a period coming out all at once. It's got a more scientific name, but I can't remember it. I just know that I freaked, thinking that it was left over placenta leaving really late on, but was too "fresh".

  • oh, okay! good to know! hope you find a pill that works better for you xx

  • Hi there

    Thanks for your message. Hope it goes well at your GP. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks for the replies, it turns out that pregnancy has really changed my hormone levels and I now need a stronger pill to normal. It would also explain why I lost the "flesh". Hopefully anyone else who might suffer from this will see ny post and not freak out as much as I did xD

  • Glad it's sorted!

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