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Periods after giving birth (probable TMI)

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Hi there all,

So I have a gorgeous little man who will soon be nine months old (where has the time gone?!) He is amazing, but since giving birth my periods have not returned to normal. I am on the contraception pill, but each month I bleed through the pill, only getting a week of not bleeding. I also had a weird experience last fortnight where I lost a lump of fleshy looking stuff. I was told that I was fine after that and that it can happen.

Anyone else had this? Any suggestions on what to do? I am going to my gp for a fourth time to ask for a different pill, hopefully this time they will let me have a new one.

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unfortunately I do not have any advice here as mine have not yet returned .... but I have to ask, what did they say this 'fleshy lump' was?? does this often happen after a baby?

I was told that the fleshy lump is something that can happen at any time in a menstruating woman's life, it's pretty much the lining of the womb that comes out slowly during a period coming out all at once. It's got a more scientific name, but I can't remember it. I just know that I freaked, thinking that it was left over placenta leaving really late on, but was too "fresh".

oh, okay! good to know! hope you find a pill that works better for you xx

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Hi there

Thanks for your message. Hope it goes well at your GP. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the replies, it turns out that pregnancy has really changed my hormone levels and I now need a stronger pill to normal. It would also explain why I lost the "flesh". Hopefully anyone else who might suffer from this will see ny post and not freak out as much as I did xD

Glad it's sorted!

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