How do i get myself to the hospital?

Hi all, im 38 weeks now :) But just wondering how im supposed to get to the hospital. Me and my partner don't drive and there is no one able to drive us there.

I also know that i have group b strep so need to get to the hospital asap so i can be put on antibiotics.

Also, how many people am i allowed with me? I want my partner and sister to be with me when im in labour.


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  • In first instance you should contact your hospital and ask about the process - where you have to go, rules about visitors, important things you have to bring. In most cases they should have offered you a tour by now to help reduce stress when you arrive in labour. Ask your midwife. The hospital may have a bus route you can use too, but in most cases you'll be better off getting there by car - you're going to need to find a friend or neighbour who can take you when the hospital says it's time to come in or easiest for everyone is hire a taxi. Your partner can be useful in this and make it his responsibility to get you safely to hospital and to the correct ward. I imagine you'll have enough on your plate dealing with the birth than needing the this kind of stress as well. His job is to keep you as calm as possible so that your birth is as easy as possible. Time to tell him to pull his socks up and get it sorted so you can relax and concentrate solely on you and the baby. Good luck :) xxxx

  • If you do take a taxi, make sure you know what the fare will be in advance and get the cash ready beforehand in an envelope on your hospital bag - that way reducing stress of fumbling about last minute trying to cobble your pennies together. Positive in taking a taxi is that you don't have to worry about finding and paying for parking when you get to the hospital.

  • Thank you :) i wasnt sure if taxi companies would take a labouring woman. Xxx

  • I imagine they'd love being the hero of the hour!! Choose a company and let them know in advance that if you call, they have to fly like the wind :)

  • Take a taxi wherever possible if you cannot get a lift from family, friends or a neighbour. Ambulance should only be called in an emergency situation. Regarding who you can have with you, speak to the hospital and check what their rules are. Some allow 2 birth partners, others one x

  • Thank you x

  • get a taxi I did with my first baby and dont worry ! its quite common better than going in an ambulance

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