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Private Scan at 16 weeks plus 1

After my 12 weeks scan which I had a few weeks ago, I then found out I was 13 weeks and honestly could not wait to see little peanut again! I have been well and had all my blood result tests come back normal. After lots of guessing between my 3 girls and an urgent need to start shopping we opted to do the gender scan as it is rather a long wait on the NHS. We did a short search on the internet for any ideas and booked

at I visited this morning and was rather impressed. Very professional and friendly service at reasonable rates. Because I opted for a detailed well-being, reassurance and gender scan it cost 79 pounds. Money well spent in my opinion. It was quite detailed and even you don't get this on the NHS. This was my first time there and I don't know anyone who works there by the way so I am not making any promotions for them. They have different locations across so very easy to access.. My girls are happy to be getting another sister and we are all pleased as peanut is healthy and looking great. We are very blessed and thank God for everything.................

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Hi I've just had a scan at 15 weeks in Leeds which I booked through same company. I just had quick reassure, but she did check all measurements etc and gave us plenty if photos, like a 20 week one. I too was impressed.

I had dating scan at 10 weeks so it felt like an eternity until 20 week lol. Glad all is well x


Thanks for your reply. It is good to get a professional and friendly service. I was very happy with them and will consider them If I ever needed re assurance. I visited the one in South Woodford in East London. Hope you are all well too. X


I found out I was pregnant by going for a NHS scan trying to scan for a cyst. In total shock when they told me I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. In denial I booked a private scan that cost £90 and I was 9 weeks. I loved it and well worth the money.


Hi All. we are starting our aquanatal classes next wed (15th October) at Jesmond pool 1:15pm.

Did you know your employer (by law) must give you time off to come to any Ante Natal or Aqua Natal classes!)

For Mums to be it provides relief, prepares and strengthens the body to tolerate labour pain, helps the body to adapt to your changing shape and also makes it easier to regain your pre-pregnancy figure after you've given birth.

It is suitable for ladies from 12 weeks and also for post natal ladies as a way of easing them back into fitness after giving birth.

A great way to socialise and gives u the chance to meet other mums to be. Call or text me on 07745553574 if u require any further info or join us on facebook: Leema Leisure


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