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Sorry for tmi! Breast issues!

Last night me and my partner had sex sorry for tmi! But after I noticed my boobs had little bit of white in the nipple! Is this normal I wiped it and haven't seen any since am only 12 week has anyone else noticed this? And is it anything to worry about? It was only like a little drop in the nipples! Plus my boobs have killed since knowing I was pregnant!

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I have had that and I'm 23 weeks pregnant.I notice it a lot when I'm in the bath And wash my boobs. I think what I red about it in my book that it is just because your breasts are starting to get ready to produce milk :) hope this helps and congratulations on your pregnancy xx

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its most likely your breasts getting ready for milk production


Yeah my midwife said it's completely normal my boobs have gone massive and hurt since finding out I was pregnant, they did same with my first child too, just wondered if anyone else had this problem! Xx


Yes its normal. When you're further along you may leak even more colostrum wen you have an orgasm- tmi I know :-)


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