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Baby Bump

Hi Ladies,

This isn't really a question but just wanted to get it out of my head. Baby bump. I've got one now. Normal clothing is tight and uncomfortable. But still trying to hide it at work from colleagues. I have bought these lovely maternity dresses but when I put them on, well baby bump is pretty obvious. But they are SO comfortable. I'm just coming up to 16wk and have 2 more blood test results to get over next fortnight and anomaly scan 30 September...doubting I'll be able to keep the little flower secret until then.

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Just wear a size up clothing it should cover , wear baggier tops like flowy ones


Maybe just go with the dresses? I wore a thick, open cardigan a lot of the time, which unintentionally hid my bump. To be honest, they might have already noticed but have been too polite to say anything? My friends noticed around the 16 week mark, too! X


I'm in maternity jeans already and am only 10weeks with second baby so I have got bigger faster, people might of noticed but not wanted to ask you? Show off your bump and enjoy being pregnant Hun! Am sure everything will be just fine! Xx


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