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what to use when they are too big for the moses basket?


My wee man is very long and nearly 7 weeks old so we think we probably have only a few weeks left in the moses basket. We do have a cot but unfortunately there isn't enough space to put it in our room and as he is too young to go in the nursey I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I know I could buy a larger moses basket but that doesn't seem very economical. TIA. :-)

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You could buy a traveling cot for your baby and when you ain't using it you could just fold it up


We were lucky enough to be given a swing crib to go in our bedroom. They are fairly cheap on ebay and they lock so you can have it swinging or not.


I had the same problem Hun, and found this crib in mothercare

Still just about in it now at 6 months old & fits perfectly where we needed it. The swinging cribs were too wide for the limited space we had xx


My son is 4 months old, and in 9-12 month clothing, so I know what you mean about long babies. He is still in our room, but in a swing crib, but he will most likely be too big for it very shortly. Still, they are great, and provide good air circulation for the hot months :)


We used a travel cot in our room.


Thanks for all your replies. We just got a crib from babies r us for £40 minus the mattress but it will do for a month or two. many thanks :-)


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