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i'm preganant or not

I got my last periods on june 16th.this month my periods has been went overdue.So I've done one step preganancy test in home on 20th of july.I got poisitive result.but at the end of day I got little spotting wihile wiping with tissue.and on today (i.e. july 21st) its bleeding.but not as heavy as like normal periods.and I've back and abdominal pain too..what to do now...??im confused

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if you got positive result you were definitely pregnant then. spotting/light period and cramping in very early stages is quite common, so there's no reason to think you're not still pregnant today!! x


Thanks tazmania...Right now I've some bleeding like periods.Im worried about it...


maybe go to see your GP - he/she may do another test (maybe blood test rather than urine sample?) and it's possible he/she might refer you to the early pregnancy unit for them to see what's going on. not sure what the protocol is but worth speaking to a professional. fingers crossed for you x


If you have lower back pain you will proably have a miscarriage. If your having sex do it gentle. i went through that before. Jst take it easy and don't stress hope everything is well.


Hi the fact that you got a positive HPT means you are pregnant. bleeding/spotting in early pregnancy is common but needs attention. I have had two miscarriages and both started with spotting in early pregnancy, I wish that's not the case for you. Please go to A and E and ask them to refer you to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit in your local hospital. they look after women having issues in early pregnancy and do scans/ bloods tests to confirm the gestation and outcome of pregnancy. good luck and take care

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