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Bedtime tantrums please help

Hi guys I'm really struggling with bedtimes... My daughter is 11month and from being tiny I have taken her upstairs in her cot at 7.00 after a fed and lay her down to go to sleep and left the room so she's used to sleeping without me. The past fortnight has been awful though she will not go to bed unless I am stood over her cot holding her hand or tapping her back. Even when I think she settled and go to leave she screams and stands up. I no people say to leave them and go back in the room to put them back down which is what I've been doing normally I leave her about 5mins which feels like a really long time when she's crying yesterday I left her 15mins but she was stopping for a short while in between out bursts. Tonight if was then me 1 hour and 35mins to get her to sleep after constantly going in laying her down and leaving again. I'm so stress and upset by it please help I'm dreading bedtimes xx

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How about trying a slow retreat? Each night move a little further away from her cot so she still has the security of you being around, and eventually you might be able to leave the room & just pop in & out until she has settled.

Hope that helps Hun, sorry I can't offer more xx


Its not nice I know. Try reading her a story. Just being in the room with her reading a book to herwill comfort her. She is just anxious mummy is just abandoning her. Let her play in her cot whilst you read to her. Then she will calm down. Nice bottle of warm milk. Mums calming voice reading a bedtime story. May take an hour the first night. But hey. No anxiety for you or little one. And its not going to bed its story time. All the best. Adrian


Could it be the heat that's upset her? My little boy is 6 months old and has been hysterical when we've put him down for bed a couple of times this week. We've worked out it is when his room is particularly hot (despite open windows and fans).


Has she always been ok with falling asleep on her own, even through growth spurts or illness/teething? I agree with Scoffcat - the weather has been pretty crazy recently. Even with our windows open and a gentle breeze at night, the GroEgg thermometer still says 24/25 degrees :-(. Also, atmospheric pressure from storms and humidity can sometimes affect people. It may be that your little girl may be seeking comfort because of this. The only thing I can think of (apart from the obvious suggestion of keeping the room as cool as possible), is to give her a tepid bath before bedtime? Hope she's sleeping better soon! X


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