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How many blood tests are needed during pregnancy?

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An error occurred during the last blood test, which was last week today. I know there are a few blood tests needed whilst pregnant, but how many? And since there was an "apparent" error in the last test, is it safe to just let them take more? I'm 29 weeks in now, and I'm worried that I won't have enough blood for the baby. Two blood samples were taken from me last week, I don't understand how BOTH of them could have an error. What should I do?

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Hi, you normally have 2 or 3 blood test one at your booking appointment and one at your 12 wk scan if you decide to have the Down syndrome test and then again at 28wks. I am currently 26 wks pregnant and I am on my 4th blood test so far I have another 2 in a couple of wks my 28wk check and one for the doctor the wk after, I have trouble with my iron, b12 and platelets so need them checked more regularly, from about 24wks in my last pregnancy I was having a blood test every 2 wks so don't worry you will have more than enough blood they don't take enough for anything to happen to you or the baby. And if there was an error on the test then they will take both samples again as they are for different things just to be safe.

So don't worry you'll be fine :)

Blood volume in pregnant women increases 30% so you will have enough blood.

You will be fine I had 25 blood tests in a 31week pregnancy don't worry about blood levels as des wouldn't take it if they thought you wouldn't have enough

Don't worry. The doctors will request for blood tests as and when required. I've had quite a few in my pregnancy ,32 weeks now, lost count of it!!!

Also I had severe nose bleeds from 16 weeks until 27 weeks until my doctor stopped my aspirin and tinzaparin. There is enough for u and the baby :-)

Thanks for all the advice everyone~

My nerves probably just got the better of me, this being my first pregnancy...

Thanks again! :)


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