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Why am I in so much pain

I just found out last week that I am pregnant but I can't get an ultrasound done until Monday I have heavy bleeding cramps on my side of the abdomen and also have the flu.. I have very tender boobs feeling neausea but not getting sick... Constant headaches aching pains and very tired...I have read a lot of problems on here that people are experiencing...just want to know if this sounds bad or first time being pregnant its scary to always think the worst..

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The first trimester can sometimes not be the most pleasant of times. However if you are in a lot of pain, bleeding etc, go to your nearest ED or phone your EGAU dept to see if they'll scan you to rule out ectopic etc. good luck


When you say heavy bleeding cramps are you bleeding or does it feel like the cramps yet during a heavy period? If it's the cramps it could be round ligament pain. No one tells you about this and it feels awful.

If you are bleeding you should contact the early pregnancy unit (EPU) as soon as possible.


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