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Sex education

So I'm sick of seeing the posts 'can you tell me if I'm pregnant'

Ladies... girls ....please tell me ....

how your where educated on sex? Did your parents tell you the ins and outs. ? Was it through school? Was it friends? Or have you just winged it and thought I'll ask you lot on here for advice?

I was born in 1985. I'm 29 this year. My parents told me very little on sex. I had basic sex ed lesson in year 6 before high school. In high school in year 8 we was shown a film on a lady giving birth. Not long after this a fellow student became pregnant! My knowledge has come from the Internet reading researching. Other women's advice. Actually talking to a doctor.

What are they teaching you now?

I think the basic knowledge a women must know are some of these questions you ask. Implantation, periods, Missed period, symptoms. When to take a test? what to do after you've taken one?.

We can't tell you if your pregnant and I'm not physic . If you've taken a test you should wait at least 2 weeks and retake. This would give your body chance to have a period or implantation to occur. .

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You know this will fall on deaf ears! :-(


I too am a 1985 baby!

I remember some sex education during Primary School, and there was definitely a video of someone giving birth.

In Secondary School, we learned a bit more about it, and also had a couple of lessons in sexual health, STIs, that sort of thing. I went to an all-girls secondary, so there was a lot of emphasis on how if your partner didn't want to wear a condom because it was too small, then it was most likely B-S!

A couple of years ago I used to be a Youth Worker, at a College. We would do one to one sexual health training, gave out condoms if requested...leaflets/info about the local clinic...all sorts. And, we wouldn't hand out condoms until the student could demonstrate on a plastic model how to put a condom on!


I have emailed admin in the last 2 weeks and got a reply saying they were going to talk with healthunlocked, I have just mailed them again and they replied that they promise they are trying to sort this.


Numbers. Great minds think alike as I've just done the same thing!

This is what I wrote:

Hi Natasha,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for replying to my email, I apologise for not acknowledging yours sooner.

I thought I would give you an 'update' on how other members are feeling. In the last week, at least three more have left, to join other forums.

As more and more "Am I pregnant" posts are cropping up, they are met with "We can't tell you if you're pregnant!", posts. It's becoming a battle, with genuine questions/relevant topics being ignored. Most members have the common sense to ignore anything they don't want to answer, but the influx of the "Am I pregnant" questions has left a lot of us wondering if the 'members' who actually post them are trolls.

Many thanks.


I've just logged on to a message back! I sent them what you wrote and they said was they were making changes


I am 18 and of course means i am a young parent. I practically sought out information myself as it was awkward with my mum and my younger siblings made it worse, visited the doctor to sort out contraception even though i wasn't sexually active at the time i wanted to sort my periods out as that was a problem and then i got the chance to teach younger years sex education (this was prior and during my pregnancy and i must add that my boyfriend and i both used contraception). It was 10 hours worth of lessons, we covered practically everything from sti's to pregnancy to what form of contraception could suit you and peer pressure etc. I even taught what to do if you miss a period..

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Hi can you tell me what course you did? This is something I want to seek more information on. Thanks you


I'm not sure of the company, they came into our school and taught us. but this was a website we used -


Thankyou x

Reply[]=stories-pregnancy just thought I'd let you know that i found this too. Might be more useful for everyone x


This is the type of thing they should be starting to give us at school from primary 7. What a fantastic course by the sounds of it. I was similar to yourself where (although not sexually active) my periods were a nightmare so I seeked out to have the implant fitted (but still aware that it would not protect me from STDs etc).


Is it not common sense to take a pregnancy test first...or go and see a find out if you're pregnant??? Or do people no longer have common sense...?!?!?!


Ha ha no common sense at all it seems. I am so shocked with some of the posts. Dry bleedin sex am I pregant. Ha ha. I wonder honestly what young girls are taught I can't but help think these type of questions are from people quite young


I'm now that fed up of seeing them I just sarcastically write 'take a test' it's becoming a joke how many ppl are doing it now


Im a 1989 baby (just turned 25) hubby 1984 baby. We actually got on this subject the other night as I am utterly stunned at the number of people who are clueless on this matter and not much younger than myself.

I never had the "talk" either. In primary 7 all the girls were told about their periods and how to deal with it. High school we had a class time for sex ed but I cannot actually remember being given any relevant information regarding it. But I am sure we were advised about STDs and STIs.

I think most of my information came from peers (that had lost their virginity)and reading up on it by myself and common sense!

Most vital thing I read as a young teenager was that regardless if you used contraception (i.e pill,implant etc) always use a condom too for STDs. If with a long term partner this was not necessary though lol.

But it certainly appears that people are becoming sexually active a lot younger now and sex education is either being ignored or not being given out very well.


Honestly scared to death that most ladies. Young girls don't know the basics. I'm shocked that people are having sex sooo young. After reading about that 12 year old giving birth well, I was on a bleeding rope swing st the age jumping the brook. Lol didn't even enter my mind to have sex. I was happy with a snog.


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