Loosing weight - Struggling!

Hello everyone :) so my little man is now almost 6 months.. not so little anymore!! Since having him, ive had some complications. I haven't posted for a while, but I had pre-eclampsia with my son which led to two seizures, one two hours before I gave birth and another 7 weeks after I had him. My doctors around here are rubbish, and after the second seizure they only took me in 5 days later, in which the doctors could find no trace of pre eclampsia, so I was put on epilepsy medication to be safe - to cut a long story short!! After having my son I also had the implant put in for birth control. Anyway, before and up until I was pregnant, I weighed in at the 9-10 stone area. I was walking 3 miles everyday up until I was 37 weeks and was feeling fab! Today I weighed myself and I weighed in at 12 stone. To say the least, I am gutted! I am so unfit now, I was so much fitter when I was 37 weeks pregnant!!! I am battling to keep the weight off, with both the epilepsy medication and the implant increasing my appetite and making me tired! I am trying to exercise as much as I can, but I am struggling! Has anyone got any tips on how they lost post pregnancy weight? Feeling very sad and deflated right now :( xxx

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Hi I got sick of feeling fat 5 months after having little one so joined slimming world and I thought it was easy to follow and lost weight quite quickly. I found I was snacking a lot at home and eating lots of cakes when going for coffees and I just wanted to do something that would help focus me into eating better and it does work. Don't be too hard on yourself, it will come off

Oh sweetheart don't feel down... remember your an amazing person who brought a precious little life into this world :-) xx My little boy is just 7 months and I've only lost a stone... Another 2 to go !! Now the weather is getting better I'm getting out with the pram more. . Don't diet just eat healthily then the weight will come off. Small changes like cutting down on bad food/drink 80% of the time allows you 20% of treats xxx

Don't be too hard on yourself! Looking after a baby is hard enough already. Could you look up to see if there are any buggyfit classes in your area? I found them great for getting back into exercising again after having my LO.

Oh bless you, it sounds like you've had so much more to cope with than just bring up your new LO! I haven't been brave enough to weigh myself yet, I was a size 12 before pregnancy and am a snug 16 as we speak... I know now that Esme didn't breastfeed long enough to eat ALL the magnums I consumed pre and post pregnancy ;)

I'm afraid I don't have any amazing tips, I'm just focusing on eating 3 good meals a day, not buying any chocolate (it's hard, I feel like a recovering addict every time I walk by a newsagents!) and having only healthy stuff in the house. So far I'm more likely to eat some cherry tomatoes and hummous than a fruit and nut bar whilst pretending its one of my 5 a day... I'm also walking twice a day for 30 mins (usually during LO's nap) and I've started at antenatal pilates.

I think the only other thing I can offer is be positive... it's going to be hard to lose the weight but you'll do it eventually. I suspect you're doing a fab job of bringing up your LO despite all the things you're going through, so go easy on yourself mentally (every time I've listened to the voices telling me its just too hard, there's too much going on, I'll never manage to get rid of the weight/get LO to sleep longer than 10 mins etc, I've come too covered in cake crumbs...) if you tell yourself you can do it (whatever it is as the time) then it will get easier. xxx

I was struggling aswell to loose the baby weight on my own, was up & down but tried slimming world two weeks ago & so far have lost half a stone. It's hard trying to get motivated when your looking after a baby so don't be hard on yourself. I like the idea that someone else has to weigh me in every week, maybe it would help you. Good luck.

Don't be too hard on yourself - they say 9 months on, 9 months off and that's without your complications. As the others say, try to eat healthily, swap cake and biscuits for fruit and drink lots of water to help fill you up, go for gentle buggy walks to build up your stamina, do it gradually, a slightly longer walk each day. Speak to your health visitor or GP about your meds and losing weight, they might be able to suggest something. If you don't like your GP go to a different one.

Hi there. I agree with all of the messages above. Don't be too hard on yourself. With a little bit of adjustment to your diet and more exercise it will come off. I lost my weight due to very long walks (sometimes 5 hour long) and cutting down on unhealthy cakes and food. It also helped that my husband decided to lose weight with me and bought ys a set of intensive work outs DVDs called "Insanity" and we adjusted our lounge into an exercise room (moved one sofa into an attic and covered tge floor with exercise matts). We have been exercising about 3-4x week and eating sensibly and have both lost over a stone and haven't even completed the actual programme. Breastfeeding also uses up a lot of energy and help you trim down. I also plan a lot of dates with friends but never have a cake with the coffee. Good luck with your efforts. You will get there. Just don't rush it.

I went on the pill after having my coil out and put on a stone and I've been a stone overweight ever since I've been off the pill for over 4 years but am still struggling to shift that pesky stone. ...personally I would consider a different method of contraception... x

Your story sounds a little like mine! I was 9 stones when I got pregnant and now my Lo is 3 months old I'm weighing in at 10 stones. I've been very relaxed with what I eat since giving birth but I'm going to start making an effort to loose the extra weight. I know its hard but don't worry too much take your time and be positive - before I got pregnant I was 12 stones and got down to 9 stones through healthy eating (low calorie diet - boring but true!) and like you I walked three miles a day to and from work. My 'healthy eating' advice would be to have simple but tasty meals, portion of meat with HEAPS of veg to fill you up. It can be easy to get into a rut as I know from experience but try and stay positive - once you loose the weight through super health eating it will be easy enough to maintain and you'll be able to enjoy yummy food again it's just the 'loosing weight part' that's tricky and unenjoyable haha! I wish you and everyone else (including myself!) good luck - it's such a hard thing to do but worth the end result xx

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