It's a better feeling hearing from you guys

I understand everyone is saying "We cannot tell you" or "Were not doctors". I'm pretty sure some of us females are smart enough to make an apt to the doctors and you guys keep telling us this but it's a better feeling hearing from you mothers/ mother to be, before we go to the doctors. I get concerned a lot and like to ask as many questions if possible(EVEN IF ITS THE SAME IN ONE DAY). Just thought I should throw that on there. And want to thank everyone for their positive feedback.

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  • The problem is that even as mothers/mothers to be we can't tell someone if their pregnant. Only a test can do that. Two problems exist with listing symptoms. 1-a lot of early pregnancy symptoms are similar to period symptoms and 2-sometimes people looking for symptoms see ones that aren't there.

    If we tell someone they are pregnant, how disappointing would it be to find out later that it isn't the case? Conversely, if we tell someone they aren't and they don't bother to test they could be putting their baby at risk.

    That's why we tell everyone to take a test or go to the doctors :)

  • Yeah I get that and I'm totally fine with it but, I know I'm not going to listen to someone tell me "your pregnant". I know they aren't right because they're not doctors. But when your going through something, sometimes people feel alone and need advice and that's why I vent to you people.

  • Wanting advise isn't the issue. Its the fact that women are asking "am I pregnant. I have such and such.." If you don't know if you're pregnant and haven't taken a test how can we tell you any different!? That's why I'm personally fed up of those posts.

  • Okay so ignore it. It's not a big deal. Seriously

  • LOL.

  • The problem is we can't tell! Sorry if recent posts have sounded a bit blunt or negative, but it's the truth! Hence ignoring those questions, or writing 'DO. A. TEST'

    As Mums-to-be and Mothers, we've all felt that worry of "Am I pregnant?" - whether we've been trying for children or not. The fear of the outcome, not wanting to get your hopes up, etc. we know how it feels. People have sought advice and shared experiences of conceiving after miscarriages, fertilisation treatment, etc.

    But, reeling off symptoms and telling strangers and non-medical professionals when you've ovulated/had sex isn't going to provide you with an accurate answer. I, for one, have noises when my ovulation cycle starts! And there have been times when I've had pregnancy like symptoms, resulting in a period, or 6 months ago, when I had pretty bad period symptoms, only to find out I was six weeks pregnant!

    The frustrations that have been vented by the members of this site are not to be taken personally, but the reason "we" joined is because this is an NCT parenting and parent-to-be forum. It's sad that some ladies have left because of the influx of 'off topic' questions.

    Again, I'm going to reiterate that we're not professionals, we can only go by our own experiences. If you are pregnant, I hope the anti-am-I-pregnant posts from us disgruntled members don't put you off using this forum. The ladies on here have given me some wonderful advice and reassurance.

  • Okay for the last time, I understand. We get so scared and we ask what we want at times. Yeah, it may sound stupid, but that's something were going to do until we find out for sure. I think "we" need to cut people some slack. If you guys are fed up; is it really that hard to ignore it? Not sounding rude but I'm fed up also

  • I do ignore them. I recently put up a post about it, to address other members because people were leaving. They were leaving and fed up. Like I said, I/nobody is personally attacking anyone.

  • I guess it's their choice to leave then. If my posts are an issue, I wild love for someone to message me and tell me and we can address because I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable. But writing posts saying it's annoying people, it's just going to cause drama I guess

  • Understand what ur saying but like someone said ur cycle is all about getting ur womb ready to prepare for a fertilised egg. .. so symptoms are very similar and I know if ur trying for baby you get so anxious waiting for d day but like ladies have said no one knows and a pregnancy test is the only way to find out. ..keep asking the unknown is fustrating... and that's all the questions seem to be about recently I personally thought someone was making it up and reposting in different names x

  • This is why I dont post here unless its worth it cz of stupid posts like this..

  • But yet you just posted. Honey no ones forcing you to. Bye

  • Well done ur right no one forced me.. these posts r as annoying as am I pregnant tbh and only check in with certain people worth tlking too and honey thts not u

  • But your still responding. Lol if I'm not worth talking, why are you talking to me now?

  • Yay! Everyone bang on about the posts instead.....that's constructive. I pregnant??

  • Yes definitely. I am mystic meg lol x

  • Wow... This is getting bitchy! Steph... you say these women just want support? They arent asking for support, they are asking if they are pregnant!!

  • If you read some posts, some ask for support though

  • Erm....Not really love.... all the same... I had unprotected sex on 'x' date and now I have these symptoms.... am I pregnant?? Not asking for support as far as I can see.

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