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Period/ovulation or pregnant/implantation?

It's been about 3 weeks since the unprotected sex and it's been crazy and stressful.

For the past two weeks I've been having:

-mild cramps (which has never happened tis early before expected period)

-white to clear discharge (back and forth this two weeks)

-feeling so nauseous

Then this week:

-Tuesday ( about 5 days ago), I had the clear/white discharge in the morning then it turn pink with mild cramps then to brown with specks of blood then to bright red blood (small amount) all in one day.

-Wednesday: severe cramps, nauseous feeling, and a somewhat heavy flow with tons of clots and thick long stretchy blobs

-Thursday: bright blood. Bleeding went down a lot with mild cramps and some clots and less long stretchy blobs.

Took a pregnancy test this day and it came out negative.

-Friday: even lighter bleeding fewer mild cramps and clots. Still fairly bright.

-Saturday: almost nothing. Blood is a light brown. No cramps.

This isn't really all too normal..some things make sense except the:

-nauseous feeling

-thick blobs

-more clots than usual

-light flow

-short time of bleeding

-mild cramping through out.

This is around the time I would start. I don't know if I'm just paranoid of being pregnant and this is just my period just slightly different or if I am and this is implantation bleeding.

Now two weeks later I have these cramps with tacky thick off white discharge. I've had the discharge before but never these cramps..and they're bad. They are the kind that I got before when I was supposed to get my period.

I took a pregnancy test but I don't think I peed enough but it came out negative.

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Well your symptoms don't sound at all like an implantation bleed, in all honesty they sound like a normal period. In my experience periods can vary over the months/years and anxiety and stress can exacerbate symptoms. Perhaps talking to your GP about contraception for the future will make you feel more in control of your body and less anxious. Good luck x


2 negatives and bleeding/cramps would suggest you're not pregnant. You can always test again or go to your GP for reassurance, they're the only 2 methods to KNOW if you are/aren't. Don't worry about the clear to white discharge its normal, you get clear discharge when you ovulate, and white when you're not :) Unless the discharge is cottage cheese textured or smells, you need to see a GP then.


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