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Babies 11 months apart


I have a 13 year old daughter and 5 month old son and found out I was pregnant again last week.

I had an early scan booked for this morning as I have had some bleeding and have a history of miscarriage. I went along thinking I was 6 weeks pregnant when to my shock I discovered I am 14 weeks already.

I've been on the pill and only missed 1 period so it was a huge shock.

Does anyone else have children so close in age? I'm really worried about how hard it will be with two babies.

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My mother had my sister 3 weeks after my first birthday and a friend of mine has two boys and a 11 month age gap. I have asked both before if they find it harder than one and both said they adapted so quickly as had a bump by the time the older was "moving about". Then when second was born it wasn't that different to one :-)

Thankyou, lots of people have said as I'm already in the baby stage it should all come together nicely

My eldest 2 are 15 months apart and I found it ok...u just adapt and get on with it I'm sure ur be fine now u have got over the initial shock! Congratulations and at u won't be pregnant for the whole 9 months it will go quicker now ;)


Hiya, just to reassure you'll come through the other side! I'm 27 now but There's only a 14 month gap between my brother and I and a 14 month gap between him and my other brother! My mum's 50 this year and last year started a PhD!! I'm pregnant with my first and look up to my mum so much for how well she's done with us!! Like other people have mentioned you're not out of practice so may find it easier! and the babies will probably be better friends for being so. similar in age :-) good luck xx

Thankyou x

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