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Hi, my youngest is now 7 months and I am very lucky that he sleeps through the night. Generally (13 hours) The only draw back is he insists on sleeping on his front which means he soaks through his nappy, clothing and bedding

by morning. Obviously I don't want to wake him to change him during the night and I have tried several regular nappy brands but can anyone suggest anything? He is currently in size 4's which fit perfectly but just do not last the night. Also can anyone advise when he will grow out of his reflux. It doesn't bother him just means a few changes of clothes for us both a day. My daily routine feels like endless amounts of washing at the moment!!!! Lol.

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My LO is also 7 months and sleeps on front most of the night, he's not sleeping through but I only change is pooped in night. The front is like a bowling ball come morning & always wake up to a morning poop and this morning a little urine leakage at the front had occurred. I used size 4 Pampers Dry at night and 4+ Sainsbury's little ones in day. Do pampers do a 4+ as I was going to go up a size when we have used all these, well worth it buying the baby dry eh as the pack lasts ages :-) X

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Could you be try the 4+ they aren't bigger but soak up more pee lol :) xx


This prob sounds stupid but if he's def wearing the right size have you thought about putti g two on? I don't do it with my LO as he doesn't sleep that long yet but my mum does it with my nephew cos he does and works a treat she says, o my an extra nappie a day and would save on all the washing x


And u can buy these square sheets that u can wash and has a plastic back so it won't soak thru to mattress...I would try going up a size and see how u get in pampers active fit are designed for movement but also are supposed to be a different fit.... Give them a call they were really helpful and sent me a coupon for £10 to try the active fit! My lo sleeps on his side and leaks out the sides every night! X


My Lil one likes to sleep on her side at the moment, but when my son was a baby ( now 5 yrs old) he used to also soak through the nappy too by the morning.

This may sound a Little silly but when you do put on his nappy is his little winky aka Penis facing down?

My reason for asking/saying this is because i tried this a few times with my son & noticed it does make a bit of difference as the moisture or pee would then fill up from the back first.

Like another mummy said here it might also be worth moving up to the next size & see how that goes.



Thanks for the tips guys. Last night I tried the double nappy (2nd on back to front) and although I don't know the outcome yet...... He is still asleep and not woken crying being wet through so fingers crossed we may have our solution !! Very frustrating as my eldest son never had this issue. Well truth be known eldest never had any of the issues my youngest does (reflux, milk allergy, hernia, cyst, nappy fullness, lack of daytime naps etc) sooooo different. But I am lucky that both boys have always been pretty good sleepers. Thanks again everyone x


Success !!! :-)


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