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Period like pains at bottom of belly at 26 weeks, should I be worried?

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I have been getting period like pains at the bottom of my belly on and off for the last few days sometime more intense and get pain in the whole of my belly. been feeling a lot more tired and sometime light headed. has anyone else experienced this before? should i ring my midwife?

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I had something similar about two weeks ago when I was around 26 weeks. Its rather worrying isn't it so I made an appointment with my doctor for the same day. He suggested that it was just ligaments stretching so gave me mild pain killers. I rested for a day or two and had warm baths and it went but I would suggest make an appointment because at the very least he/she will have a listen to the babies heartbeat which I found very reassuring.

I'm already on pain killers for pelvic girdle pain :/ might text me midwife to see what she suggests x


I would not worry qbout it too much. As Cath321 suggested, it could very well be all your muscles etc stretching to make room for the baby (these can be rather discomforting). Another possibility could be Braxton Hicks. It is common to get these throughout your pregnancy, especially feeling them around this time.

If you are concerned, I would suggest ringing the midwife for some reassurance. Hope this helps!

I did with my first pregnancy and it was painful but just my womb stretching, but go see your doctor anyway to put your mind at ease.

Always get pain checked out if ur not sure or worried that's what maternity triage is there for ... ring main hospital switch board and ask to be put thru and u can have a chat with midwife if they think u need to be checked over they will tell you to pop in x

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