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18 week old son, and I'm already wanting another bump! Anyone else feel like this?

I didn't exactly have the best experience bringing my boy into the world, early on I had a bit of morning sickness, but I could handle that, it was at 32 week's I found out I had gestational diabetes, which was quite a shock! I managed to deal with that through diet, and it was decided that I would be taken in to be induced at 39 week's!

Being induced didn't work for me, and it didn't help that when I was on the hormone drip, the midwife thought she broke my waters, which she hadn't, no wonder I wasn't dialating. So after the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday staying in hospital, I was finally given a c section, in the early hours of the Monday morning! The actual operation was fascinating! Everyone was so efficient and this was reassuring for me! I was quite calm anyways, you sort of prepare yourself for these sort of situations when pregnant! I think you need to! I still got skin to skin asap, and will never forget his face when he was first born! And that cry! A tear rolled down my cheek along with a huge grin! I remember saying to my mum that his cry was the best sound ever!

Anyways, I'm waffling! My point is, even after going through quite a bit bringing my beautiful boy into the world, I would do it all again! I love my c section scar, it tells a story! I look at it, then look at my boy, and wonder how he ever fitted through that little slit! I was lucky, I healed relatively quickly, with no complications! He's 18-19 weeks, and is doing brilliantly! Such a happy boy! I wouldn't get pregnant now anyways, my body needs a rest, but I do want another! I need to also let the other half come round to the idea ;) lol anyone have any experience in conceiving after a c section? How long after giving birth did you fall pregnant? How long were you trying for before conceiving after c section? And what was the birth like?

See, I'm not thinking about it too much lol! My boy needs to start preschool before I go through that again! Anyways, sorry about the stupidly long waffling post :)

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I feel the same, my son is nearly 6 months and I think I wud like another lol, the boyfriend isn't so keen just yet, I suffered terribly with sickness but I wud do it again in a heartbeat, I didn't hav a c sec so I cnt help u there but I am sure conceiving after c sec is just the same.

I never thought I wud b happy to go through pain again but I love my boy sooo much, I hav to go bk to work in april and am sooo sad about it, gonna b strange not having him by my side and will miss him like crazy, the things we do for love lol xx


The thought of going back to work keeps creeping up on me more and more. I don't like it one bit :( but a friend recently went back after having her baby, she wasn't looking forward to it, but she's happy to be back! And I hope to be a Mummy again by the time my boy is 5, at the latest! Then I think that will be me, no more! (my man already has a little boy from a previous relationship so he's not so keen on having more, think I've got my work cut out for me trying to convince him lol) good luck going back to work! It will prob be harder for you than it will be for ur boy! X


yeh he will hav a great time he will be with grandparents and his daddy so he will b fine and hav loads of fun but I kno the thought it worse than doing, but I kno tht when I am hopefully laying on a beach nxt yr for our family holiday I kno tht being at work will b worth it. xx


I'm in the same boat, I've got a 3 year old and a nearly 5 month old and I'm gagging for number 3 already! I remember this intense broodiness about 5-6 months after my eldest was born and it does fade, I think it must be a hormonal thing. I'm trying to power though it as the reality of 3 kids under 4 doesn't actually fill me with joy! Next year maybe :-)

No personal experience of c sections but a friend conceived and carried normally and went on to have a natural delivery with her second so I don't think it should pose a problem x


3 under 5 would be nuts! Mad house! And the broodiness, omg! It's been made worse with my step sister and cousin both announcing pregnancies, and my other cousin is about to have her 5th boy ( yep, 5 boys! 3 under 5) and I know when I meet these little ones I'm gonna be pestering my other half non stop lol


Hi Jubbly,

Nice to hear you are getting on so well with your little one and enjoying it. I am a doctor and tell all of my patients that following a C-section it is better to wait a year before conceiving again. Even though the scar may have healed well on the outside, your uterus wall will be weaker for the next few months. If you were to get pregnant again then there is a small chance of your uterus rupturing towards the end of the pregnancy and during birth which is made even smaller by waiting a bit longer allowing the uterus to completely heal. Lots of women go on to have vaginal births following C-sections these days and are absolutely fine but they should always warn you about this risk. If you were to fall pregnant sooner than the recommended period of time then you would be closely monitored and may not have a choice but to have a c-section again.

Good luck!



Thanx for the advice! Not planning on putting my body through that for a while yet tho :)


I think what your feeling is normal, after my first I got really broody when he was 3 months old, think it is your hormones. I had my 3rd baby 5 months ago and had a horrible pregnancy and experience after she was born BUT still I feel so broody and want another. After my first and second baby I waited nearly 3 years which I regret now so I would say go for it but after reading lucyfn comments about the medical facts around it I would wait. My pregnancy got taken away from me at 32 weeks and I just feel so jealous when I see a heavily pregnant lady thinking I wish that was me.


Hi jubbly!,

I gave birth to my 2nd child 4 months ago now & I can honestly say it the most rewarding & joyous thing I've ever done.

My 1st child is 5yrs old now & it wasn't my intention to leave a bit of a large gap as I always knew I wanted more than just the 1child but with my working situations a few years ago & we also moved house when my son was 2 yrs old we just didn't get time for the baby making process ( as u do) :)

Now that my baby is here though I do find myself getting very broody especially when I see a lady with a bump out & about but I think this will be our last child together as my OH also has another 2 kids from previous relationships.



Mine was 16 weeks this week and I'd do it again tomorrow. I don't have that much time to spare being 40 lol

Aunt Flo took her time to return to me - she actually arrived exactly 14 weeks after having my lo so now hoping that she returns regularly. My husband is due to retire from the Army soon and I hope that he will feel the same when he's home and bonding with our girl.

I just LOVE being a mama, it's the most wonderful thing ever and she is amazing <3 xx


I didn't have a fantastic birth experience either but I absolutely cannot wait to be pregnant, give birth and have a little baby in my arms all over again.....this time with a big brother set to love them too!! I'm waiting for a while to enjoy my gorgeous boy for a while first and hope to be trying again next summer but am so looking forward to it! I had a c section too and was never told anything about not conceiving too soon after so that's good to know too! I would love if possible to not need a c section next time...here's hoping :D lol x


Your birth experience is similar to mine failed induction 2days labour and emergency c sec.my LO is 7months now am back at work and loving it!i so dreaded going back to work but ive gone back just 2 days a week and I've put my LO in nursery and she's loving it as she really loves playing with other babies .ive never felt broody yet though!they advised me to wait for 6 months to a year before I conceive again xx


Hi Azelia, it's so nice to hear of someone who is enjoying being back at work! My LO is 6 months and I've just started thinking that I might enjoy a work environment again. At times these thoughts can make me feel guilty that I don't want to be with my baby but that's so not true!! I love being with him but like the idea of being something else alongside being a Mummy. Really glad to hear you and your LO are enjoying it xxx


Hey my baby is also 6 months old and I want another lol. With a c section I was advice to wait a least 6 months before planning on having another. Csection is a major operation and your body needs time to recover. had a c section with my daughter. I started trying for another when my daughter was 6 months old but I fell pregnant when she was 17 months old. I know it took a long time to fall pregnant. Probably the reason why I want to try for another so soon. Anyway I was really scared about giving birth by a c section again but I had a successful VBAC.


It took me a long time to conceive my boy! That's prob got something to do with why I'm feeling so broody atm! That, and seeing lots of baby announcements atm, and lots of bumps! But I think I will wait at least a year before I start trying again. I think if I end up with gestational diabetes again, and they try and induce me, I'll probably refuse, because that, for me, turned out to be the most traumatic thing! I had thought about the chances of me having a c sec over and over during my pregnancy! And looking back, when the decision was made and I gave my consent, I was so calm! I had only one wish after he was here, and that was to have had a planned c sec! Hopefully next time (if there is a next time for me!) my body will do it all on its own! I prayed for my body to do it on its own last time but no luck! :( but I have my boy, that's the main thing :)


I've got a 9 month old now and I'm 12 weeks pregnant. My body was a bit of a mess after my other 2 boys and is in need of some repairs so as I've been told that they can't fix my lady bits til I've finished my family, we've been on it straight away. Although I've not had a c section (yet) I can sympathise with your feelings of love for you baby and I recommend that you go for it soon as you are ready... I'm sure your fella will be on the same page soon. We waited 5 years between our first two and it was so hard going back to having a baby after that amount of time!


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