3 day old baby and finding it unbearable to pee

I really need advice..my LO arrived 3 days ago which has been an amazing experience. I can deal with the lack of sleep and hard work...but I am finding it excruciating to pee. I have tried the warm jug of water....and got most of it on the floor....I've tried a warm compress with lavender oil whilst peeing....even sitting in the bath with lavender oil and going is still uncomfortable. Plus I don't have time to run a bath everytime I need to go nor is it practical. I'm drinking loads of water to try and dilute it but I'm getting close to going to the docs and begging for a catheter. Does anyone have any other tips? My tear was a grade 1 and didn't require stitches...so it's effectively an open wound. :(


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  • Firstly, congratulations on your LO arrival :-)

    Urinating after birth is defiantly a challenge, I had a grade 2 that did need stitching, I just used to lean as far forward as I could when weeing so that non of it ran back to the wound, almost like how you would squat over a public toilet that was less then savoury.

    I did a daily thigh high bath with a glass of milk in, 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop of tea tree oil and I though it was the best thing ever.

    I am sorry, that's all I can offer you...I hope it starts to get better soon x

  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I would, as a first resort have a look yourself with a mirror and see if you think the tear looks in any way infected and speak to your midwife just in case - if it's not it will probably only be a day or two until you 'turn the corner' and things start to feel a bit less painful. Are you taking painkillers anyway for after pains? If not maybe having some paracetamol for the next couple of days might see you through until things are less raw. Hope you are feeling more comfortable soon. x

  • Congratulations. .

    I had to hav stitches and in a way I was scared to go as I just didnt want the pain..if it still hurts tomorrow call the drs and see if they can help. I personally wouldn't check down there as one it will b a mess and I wudnt kno what too look for in an infection and I wud b happier for a health professional to check it..do u hav a midwife coming to see u in nxt couple of days as they checked me then. Take it easy..it does get easier xx

  • I agree with the leaning forward comment! And also take lots of painkillers. Would a shower be better than a bath? You could just jump in the shower when you need to wee?!! I had stitches but also a bit of an open wound where the stitches had come out too quickly & I found the shower was soothing. Try to keep the area as dry as possible after washing to help it heal quicker. My MW advised me to use a hairdryer down there on a cool setting to dry it properly!

    Congratulations :-) x

  • I had a big tear and stitches came out quick leaving a wound, what really helped me is lots of water like almost 15 glass a day and (sorry tmi) but pressing my perennial with my index and second finger while peeing.

    if it remains unbearable than probably see a doctor

  • Ooh just reading this post made me wince, I've needed stitches after both babies but had a graze right where you pee after baby1, it stung like nothing else!

    All good advice above, if running a bath wasn't practical I used to get a clean flannel soaking wet with warm water and hold it to myself and basically wee through it - gross I know but it did help. It will get better, in the meantime keep drinking loads and take painkillers if you need them. I assume you are still under midwife care so do mention if you're worried about infection. I hope you get some relief soon xx

  • Just hold.a.warm.flannel there and pee through it.. Slowly.. It will make u cry it will make u scared to pee but it will wear off and u will be ok in a few days. '-( Congratulations xx

  • I didn't have stitches but I found the only way I could pee without crying was to lean forward with my hands on the floor pretty much....ouchies! :-(

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