LO doesn't like being in buggy

My 14 wk old DD has gradually started protesting more and more about being in her buggy. When she was born, we could go out in her buggy (in the basinette) and she could easily sleep in there for 1-3 hours. For the past 4-6 weeks, she is gradually starting to protest more and yesterday she only lasted about 5 min before crying. Instead, she prefers to fall asleep facing inwards in her Baby Bjorn. We tried putting her down in her buggy in various situations, so she was fully fed, warm, clean, asleep before putting her down... no luck. We tried putting her in the car seat in the buggy as well, but she wasn't having any of it. We've added a head insert to make it cosier, but it didn't seem to help. While I can still carry her around in the Baby Bjorn at the moment, I'm worried I won't be able to do this for much longer, as she's already 14 weeks old and getting heavy! Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do to overcome this challenge? She also doesn't like facing forward in the Baby Bjorn, tries to wriggle free, but is happy to sleep facing inwards only. Any help or advice is much appreciated!

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I had this prob and changed the seat to the sit up seat as my son is so nosy and wanted to see the world and hates laying down, I very rarely use my sling anymore as over 17lb of baby hurts ur bk. with this horrible weather its not easy but when it was ok just to get him used to it I went for quick 10 min walk, hopefully she will b ok soon, she just wants mummy which is obv not always practical. cud u maybe put a top of urs in the pram with her so she can still feel u close by xx


The older babies get the more curious & nosey they become.

My daughter will be 15 wks old on Tuesday & just like you described in the beginning she would happily sleep in her buggy whilst we were out shopping for about 2 & a half to 3 hours but recently she is now starting to moan & almost complain.

All of the most common needs are met - I.E full stomach, clean bum & etc.... But I'm pretty sure it's the fact that she can't she what's going on around her.

Because I drive I currently use the a pushchair which fits the car seat into the body of the pushchair but I would personally like to wait until she can at least sit up unaided before I let go of the car seat.



My son was exactly the same. It's very 'frowned upon' and I probably shouldn't suggest this but we put him into the forward facing pushchair and he was much better. In fact, he never cried. He just sat (well lay) and watched people until he fell asleep. He did this until he was 3 and we stopped using the buggy! With my daughter we just put her forward facing at 3 months and she loves it too!


If I remember correctly (my lo is 23 months now), I put her in the seat at about 3 or 4 months old - reclined as far back as it would go and she loved being able to see more, even facing me! It could be that she's got a bit of reflux and so lying in her pram is uncomfortable, try a slightly slanted cushion, to prop her up a bit? As for the baby bjorn, I know they say it's ok to face them out wards, but actually it's not great for their hips, doesn't support them as well so she may be complaining that she's not comfy and it's also not very good for your back - so she's doing you a favour wanting to face you! As for being able to carry her, the more you carry her, the longer you'll be able to carry her as your muscles will adapt to her increasing weight. I bought a Manduca sling, which can be used on your front, side or back and can still carry my 23 month old in it on my back (if she lets me - which most of the time she doesn't, which I'm pleased about as I'm 35 weeks pregnant).

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My daughter is fussy too in the buggy she is 6 months 3 weeks today and heavy enough for me to carry around although dad takes her for walks in sling.

Here is the problems i faced and how we coped

Lying down is not an option any more - she wants to see the world, so we let her, when she sleeps after a few steps we quietly recline the pram seat.

She gets cold, so I added a furry blankie inside her foot muff (she likes holding soft furry stuffs while sleeping anyways so it was good trick i think)

Sometimes the air hurt her face (We are in Edinburgh and it can be damn windy here) so we put the rain-cover on even if its not raining and put an extra layer of cream on her face so it may not chap

and we always take the snugly panda bear with us (he is the best friend)

Also when she was making fuss in going in a buggy we stopped taking her out in a sling - just to let her know that is not an option (little meaness here but for me it is simply not possible to carry her around in sling due to sciatica from pregnancy and an already existing and made worse RSI in right shoulder)

Hope you will have success soon :)


oh! yes and she is in forward facing pram


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