Night light projector for baby

'All' I want is a light projector for my baby but I can't find a decent one online with good reviews.

My little is now 4 weeks old & loves looking at lights & shadows on the walls so I thought she'd enjoy a light projector. Thought it'd be easy to find something that projects stars on the ceiling...but NO.

Seen the pabobo star projector but keep reading reviews that it's rubbish! Best one so far seems to be the pabobo dream theater. It's rather pricey at £60 but don't mind if it's worth it.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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  • I've got the bt pacifier monitors, they project stars onto the ceiling, plays lullabys & is a night light& a good monitor, the night isn't great but my wee man loves the stars and the music, can even plug a MP3 player in I think but haven't tried that. It's great for getting them into a routine when they start going up to bed alone cos they know stars & music means bedtime.

  • See, we do still need to get a baby monitor so that could be a 2 in 1 problem solved!

  • I have a Tomy Winnie the Pooh one. It's probably not the greatest one out there but I got it for free with some work reward points I had and it keeps her entertained. It plays three lullabies and projects the Winnie the Pooh characters onto the ceiling. It rotates the image. It automatically shuts off after so long depending on which cycle you have it on (short or long). You can also flick the switch to change it so that it is a night light. It can be attached to the side of the cot/crib or can be free standing. It's about £18 at the minute on amazon.

  • I've got that too. Turns out James just isn't interested in that stuff lol. But it's quite cool x

  • Thanks Armywag. I've seen this one but I do hate Disney a little bit :/ ...and yes I am aware that it is for her benefit not mine ;)

  • Omg!!!! You hate Disney?? That's hurt me to hear! I love Disney!!

  • What with having a little girl I'm aware that at some point (sooner or later) our lives will be overtaken by Disney! But until then...I'm trying to hold off on it :/

  • Blasphemy!!!! Lol but don't think of it as Disney, after all he is a British invention ;) x

  • Blasphemy ! HA! Winnie the Pooh is ok. But I hate Minnie blinkin' Mouse!

  • lol I didn't like Minnie, I loved the lion king...duvet covers..posters...I still watch it when my mum took me to see it at cinema when it came out 20 yrs ago I had to be taken out as at 5yrs old the lion being killed was a bit too much lol xx

  • That sounds like me & Bambi :/

  • Disney Princesses will royally bite you on the bum when she wants to dress up as one!!

    My boy loves Jungle Book :-)

  • Omg u cnt hate disney lol..was my life when I was younger..was like the Disney store in my bedroom. .x

  • 'hate' is a strong word. That would imply I care enough about it to hate it...alright...I'm 'indifferent' to Disney ;)

  • why not buy a cot mobile with night light, remote and stuff (well my experience, Isabella loved lights in her play gym but payed completely no attention to night light projector - and I bought two -all useless) she would get interested in hanging cot mobile toys singing and rotating ( I was glad i had a remote to start it)

    but once sleepy and in bed she would not care for lights or night lights - (despite the fact that we decorated the roof with glow-stars and our's is an old building so sealing is rather high - but yes, you can try using glow-stars and create your own night-time universe with your baby's birth star/constellation etc) I got my glow-stars from mothercare but they are also available on ebay and are rather cheap

  • Aaaaah! I REALLY like the idea of recreating her birth star once she moves into the nursery :)

  • We've got a Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector. We got it from Asda for about £25. It projects stars onto the ceiling and it changes colour every few seconds. The stars don't rotate, they're just still but I prefer this as moving images could be stimulating rather than sending him to sleep. It also plays really relaxing classical lullabies from Bach & Rossini as well as nature sounds. You can also turn off the projection & use it as a dim night light. I find it a perfect light for the night feeds. What I particularly like about it is that you can have the lights and music together or just the lights or just the music. Not many projectors do that. We have the blue one but it comes in pink as well. My LO loves staring at the stars & shadows, he's 14 weeks now & we've had it about 3 weeks. I love it & would recommend it x


    A friend bought us this projector. You can choose with and without sound. It has different projections for different ages.

  • Hi the link doesn't work. What is it called so I can search for it?

  • I have a summer frog which projects stars and the moon in red/blue/green and plays either a heart beat or music with a 30 min cut off . Only £22 on ebay and its brand new and it's great x

  • I have seen these & wondered how good they are. Thanks for the review.

  • I have one if these too, the elephant as a present...I used it a lot early days but the tunes started to annoy me but I love the whole starry night scene and fills the bedroom with stars. I saw them on sale in toys r us recently.... The only other thing is 2 volumes, loud and not so loud....I wish these things came with a bit more volume control.

    I also have a cheap one from Kiddicare, think its their own brand...has a cow jumping over moon on front light then projects a simple round light to ceiling. Definitely a 'no frills' jobbie but I picked it up for under £10 so does the job and has more volume control then most X

  • Soz for delay... Just got out of hospital after birth of LO. It's a tomy penguin from Argos.

  • Hey, congratulations! X

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