I don't know what's going on,

Me and my fiancé have been trying to conceive for the past few months. I was due on on the 7th and tested on the 12th and got a negative result. Today I still haven't had my period and yesterday I came down with a few symptoms some are flu like it just seemed to happen all of a sudden a rise in temperature, sore throat, blocked nose, headaches beyond belief I've also lost my appetite and seem to be burping a lot. Do I just have a flu or could there be more to it? Could I still be pregnant even though the test said negative

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  • It was may be to early for the test on the 12th, maybe try again in afew days if you still haven't come on. It was about 15 days pregnant before I started having symptoms and even then they were very slight. I've seen afew people on here say 10 days after you period is due would be the earliest and even then not everyone would get a positive that early. Good luck.

  • Hi scaredmuch, I pretty new to all this too (this is my first ever time posting). I'm just under 7weeks and only found out 11 days ago. I was due 1st feb but had two neg tests, a few days later still no period so I tested on 5th and I had a faint positive, and then a day later a strong positive! I had symptoms and still have, burping, headaches and extreme tiredness. As well as really achy breasts too but more so in the last week. My advice would be to take another test tomorrow morning (your first pee is the strongest apparently) and wait and see. Hope it all goes ok :)

  • test again sweets, maybe its something more. Good luck

  • When I had missed my due date I tested and got negative then had all those symptoms you have listed so decided to test again on the Friday eve and got a positive even though tests say accurate 4days before your missed period I find that very hard to believe as your hormone change is quite gradual and not immediate

    Hope you get the result you want xx

  • Clair did you feel like you had a flu type illness my back aches headaches no appetite? How long after your missed period did you get a positive result? Xxxx

  • Hi Hun yeah I was adamant I was coming down with a cold had really bad period like pains in my back and stomach and have lost my appetite since being pregnant and I'm 7 weeks now I was nearly 2 weeks late when I got a positive I had tested on the Monday before at a week late and that was positive xx

  • The Monday one was negative sorry the positive came on the Friday after x

  • I did another test today still negative. Guess we will just keep ttc xxxxx

  • Thank you, well fingers crossed!! And congratulations xxxx

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